9 thoughts on “Have You Ever? Gaming Edition (+ tags)

  1. Its been forever since I’ve rage quit a game . I think it was when I was a teen . I was playing Resident Evil Code Veronica and the very end part of the game was timed . I could never beat even with the game shark .

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  2. I threw a controller once! It bounced on the couch and hit me in the head! I have become a much calmer gamer since! Though Ocassionally I do a good footstomp!

    Fun list and thanks for doing this!

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  3. I have most definitely rage quit before, especially League of Legends. I can’t stand idiotic teammates and people who throw matches. ;.;

    Playing Fatal Frame 2 sounds like so much fun! I’ve never played Fatal Frame but I REALLY WANT TO! Pulling all-nighters playing that sounds wonderful.

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