Top 10 Things Getting Me Through the Pandemic

I can’t believe it’s been over 6 months since I started working from home and self isolating. So much has happened in those six months like getting a big job promotion and my husband and I buying our first home, and yet I’m still only leaving the house for necessities and the very rare special occasion restaurant meal. My mental health has rode the waves (and roller-coasters), ebbed and flowed during the past six months.

Lately, my mental health has been pretty crap, and it makes sense as my entire every day routine was ripped away: we had a house guest for longer than planned, most of my means of escape were eventually packed away, the entire home buying process was stressful… I could go on, but I won’t. Let’s move on to the entire purpose of this post: things that have actually been getting me through the past 6 months of self isolation, working from home, and the daily stresses that come with the ongoing pandemic.

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10 Comforting Things I’ve Turned to During the Pandemic

  1. YouTube: I have watched so much more YouTube in the last 6 months than I ever have before. Here’s just a few YouTubers from my favorite categories! Sims 4 channels like Devon Bumpkin and lilsimsie. Health/mental health lifestyle channels like Beatrice Caruso and Megan Anne. Home decor & DIY channels like Alexandra Gater (& her Make My Space Work channel) and Lone Fox.
  2. Twitch: Streamers like John Wolfe and Devon Bumpkin (yep, Aden is on here twice) have me dropping whatever I’m doing to tune in regularly. John Wolfe is definitely one of my favorite horror game YouTubers but he plays Dead by Daylight and other games on his Twitch regularly. And while Aden is a Sims YouTuber, he plays other games on his Twitch channel, too; most recently he’s been playing Tell Me Why which has captured my heart with its story and characters.
  3. Webtoons: Most Webtoons have fast pass episodes where you pay 5 coins to read ahead. I’m including the Webtoons that I am currently fast passing, because I just can’t get enough of the characters and story! Lost in Translation, Mage & Demon Queen, SubZero, Cursed Princess Club, Freaking Romance, and Lore Olympus.
  4. Comics & Manga: I have finally had the time to get through some of my TBR pile. I’ve read both of my Avatar comic complications and the first Korra comic complication. I heard there’s several more to read so I will be putting them on my x-mas list! I also started reading the second Fables comic compilation which I had planned on finishing as well. You can click here to read my thoughts on the first Fables comic compilation. I just picked up a new (to me) manga called Hands Off! It’s pretty interesting so far. I have also picked up Fruits Basket. I never read the manga before, but have really enjoyed the newest seasons so I wanted to throw it back to the books to see where things line up or diverge.
  5. Netflix & Hulu: We have been enjoying and finishing so many shows lately. Lost in Space was a favorite for awhile. Recently, we’ve been obssessed with the latest season of Sword Art Online: Alicization, Lucifer, and Ratched.
  6. Gaming: I haven’t been into gaming near as much as I had hoped to be. I put down Animal Crossing awhile back and haven’t picked it back up. I will once the new update hits for Halloween. I have been playing the Sims 4 more lately and just recently jumped back into Haunting Ground which I have been dying to play since before we started the moving process.
  7. Talking to friends online/video & voice chat: I’m tying games into voice chatting with friends as well because my husband and I recently picked up Among Us (with everyone else) and have been having fun using discord to play it with everyone. I have also been playing Fall Guys on Playstation with my husband and two friends which has been really fun too! Before self isolation kicked in, I was playing Pathfinder with some friends and since then we have moved to discord and Forge ( and previously Roll20). It’s been great to be able to catch up over a Pathfinder game. Other than voice chat, I’ve been keeping in touch more over social media more with both IRL and online friends alike.
  8. Online Shopping: Shopping isn’t something I would normally call “comforting,” but with a new house purchase under our belts, Alec and I have been doing what online shopping that we can. Unfortunately, so much is sold out and on back order. So I have been adding items to my Amazon wish list and adding them to my Pinterest boards so that I can shop later too, which is oddly satisfying!
  9. Decluttering: Speaking of moving, I got the best chance to declutter all of our things prior to moving into the new house which was the best thing I did for us. Our new place has the same amount of square footage yet the space is allotted very differently so we have less space and storage for things. I also took the time to declutter my Google Drive, email, and files on my PC to make my life feel more organized while the world outside feels chaotic.
  10. Therapy: Therapy has been a godsend in our current climate for me. I have also been trying to go out of my way recently to be more mindful and meditate. I’ve been trying to use headspace a couple of times a week for 5 minute meditations. And I’ve also been keeping up with my daily mantras and affirmations which have been lifesavers the past 6 months. I still need to work on things, but it feels like a good start.

What is getting you through the pandemic? What is comforting you right now? Let’s share ideas in the comments below!


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31 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Getting Me Through the Pandemic

  1. Honestly, Seriously Geeky Sundays was thing I never saw coming that has had the biggest impact. It helped bring me out of the shadows a bit, give me that push to start being more social that I needed and the feedback from people (hearing how it’s helped them too) has meant so much to me. Plus having that as a staple each week/month that people are depending on me has kept me afloat in the dark times mentally and physically. Sometimes it’s easy for me to just let days float me by, but SGS is always there and so is our small and dedicated community.

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  2. I’ve also been house hunting but have put it aside for now as prices are expected to come down. It’s still nice to check the market regularly though.

    The main things keeping me going have been video games, playing guitar and keeping up to date with music as the utaites have been regularly uploading throughout the whole pandemic 😁

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      1. Mostly metal bands from Europe like Nightwish and Orden Ogan. I found out the latter has delayed their album release again. 😭 it was supposed to be November and now it’s March. There are other bands to from that continent but these two I’ve been listening to the most lately.

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  3. I’ve gotten really toned from the home workouts and the healthy lifestyle is now a hobby, with the occasional beer or 2. I do see a few friends still and family. Podcasts and watching sports has done quite a bit too

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