Spoilers! News & Announcements (please read)

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!

I just wanted to do a quick post (that turned into a bit of a novel – apologies!) about some important announcements and news that concerns the state of the blog, my YouTube channel and my social media accounts. I would greatly appreciate it if you would read until the end. So let’s jump right in.

YouTube Channel Rebrand/Rename

I announced on Twitter as well as in the last Spoilers! post that my YouTube channel is going under yet another rebrand. I decided to change the name awhile back when some friends shared some concerns that my YouTube channel name wasn’t unique enough. My readers and viewers could have a hard time finding me among the sea of other Megan Marie’s, and I actually agreed. I came up with my handle meggsngrits awhile back for my Twitch channel, but I also use meggsngrits for my personal Instagram account. It seemed to fit my YouTube channel pretty well too so over my break I decided to take the plunge into changing the YouTube channel’s name sans branding. My YouTube branding is underway but may take some time. I will be updating everything as soon as it’s ready

A Name Change on Basically Everything

You may have also noticed my social media accounts undergoing some changes as well. I have also changed my Twitter handle to meggsngrits, but I am also changing my name to ‘Meg’ on all of my platforms in an effort to give myself back some privacy. I’ve made many aspects of my life public, but I feel the need to start taking back some of my privacy as my life continues to change and evolve. I was recently promoted, and the nature of my job has changed which was the initial catalyst towards the name changes taking place already. Alec and I recently purchased our first home and have future plans of adding to our family in the future which is what solidified my decision in changing my name on everything I can. There are some accounts that still carry my old name, but I would greatly appreciate it if the members of the blogging and YouTube community could begin to refer to me as Meg from now on. I also want to say thank you to everyone who has already begun calling me by Meg. You’re the best!

No More Repeated Award Tags

Honestly, this one absolutely pains me to say. I get so excited every time I get nominated for a blog award or blog tag, and I absolutely love to do them! Unfortunately, I have created a backlog of nominations and simply can’t get to all of them. So I’ve made the hard decision to no longer do blog awards that I’ve already written about. I am deeply sorry to anyone that this may make feel cruddy that I didn’t participate in their nomination. I will always thank you in your comment section, but please know that the nomination does mean a lot to me. For any blog awards in the future that I haven’t participated in before, I will gladly take them on. Thank you for understanding.

A Blog Rebrand?

This was also mentioned in the last Spoilers! post (and in a random tweet during my break), but I wanted to go into more detail here. So why a rebrand after over 7 years as blogging as A Geeky Gal? Well… to be perfectly honest, A Geeky Gal has grown past just geeky things. I share just about everything here including my poetry and mental health journey as well as my fitness/health journey. I am also about 8 years older since the blog’s creation at the time of writing this post, and I feel as if I am growing out of the name. It doesn’t quite feel like me anymore, if that makes sense. With all of that said, I have yet to pin a new name down for the blog. The few that I put on the drawing board are taken, so I will be doing some soul searching and brain storming before fully committing to a blog rebrand.

Thank you for understanding and continuing to support me. This community means the world to me, and I’d like to continue to make my mark on the world on my own terms. See y’all in the next one.

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10 thoughts on “Spoilers! News & Announcements (please read)

  1. Hey Meg. I’m curious about the name privacy thing. I rarely use my full name on public website profiles (and I strongly feel we should always have a choice in this – but that’s a story for another day), but basically everyone in my life knows me as Louise.

    So I was curious what decisions led you to your name change.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am looking forward to see where you will go next! I have no doubt it will be amazing!
    Not doing the tags on repeat anymore makes sense! I only see some of the sheer amount of tags you get and I already thought by doing them all you could maintain a blog for the next years to come.
    So I understand! I have a hard limit of 10 for the question posts and a limit of 1 or 2 for descriptive tags.

    I am eager to follow you on your next step! Good luck Meg!

    Liked by 1 person

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