Spoilers! I’m back from hiatus! Future Plans?

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!

I am back from my moving hiatus… sorta. I am easing back into my blogging and YouTube schedule so posts may be sporadic for a little while. I am low on spoons thanks to the stresses of a new home and the ongoing pandemic so I don’t want to push myself. I have all of these thoughts and ideas that I am dying to get out as they’ve been building up on my break but once I sit down, I can’t seem to get the words out. Instead, I’ve made a list of post and video ideas that I will slowly work through and hope to be back to my regular schedule soon. I’m not going to give myself a deadline, because I will end up failing right now. So let’s chat a bit about what happened on the break and future plans for A Geeky Gal.


photo by A Geeky Gal // @meggsngrits

What happened on my break…

  • Packed up all of our belongings.
  • Did the final walk through on the new house.
  • Walk through did not go as planned and the closing date had to be pushed back.
  • Closed on our first home in my car.
  • Painted the living room and bedroom which took longer than expected.
  • Moved in boxes every day after work over the span of a week.
  • Finally got our big furniture in the house via paid movers.
  • Had no hot water or oven for 5 days because of a mess up on the gas company’s end.
  • Had no dryer for two weeks thanks to a misunderstanding from the previous homeowner.
  • Couldn’t find my equipment to film and edit as there were boxes EVERYWHERE.
  • Went back to the old house more than once (this last time to get our dryer).
  • Had to schedule work with a contractor to be done that was not completed prior to moving in.

As I told my patrons on Monday, it’s been a wild ride. On top of the normal things that come with moving, we had many, many hiccups in the process. One of the first big ones was the final walk though of the house before we closed (basically before we sign the papers and take possession of the home) did not go well. We discovered that the fixes we had requested had not been done. I’m not sure what happened – if the home owner was trying to pull a fast one or if the original contractor pretended to fix the issue. Regardless, we were not signing anything until we had another signed agreement with the seller to have the work done as promised. This caused the closing date to get pushed back. When the day of closing came, we had to stay in my car while we signed a mountain of paperwork. It was surreal.

We ran into the next issue prior to move in which was that we were not given all the keys to the house and mailbox! We did eventually get the keys we needed, but we still have a lock on one of the doors that has no key. It’s fine though because we are having all the locks changed anyway. Once we got in, we started painting the living room and our bedroom. Painting went as well as could be expected but took longer than we thought. After painting, I started bringing over our things every afternoon after work for about a week until the house was empty save for our big furniture. We hired movers to help us get those to the new house.

Alec and I were so happy to finally have everything at the new house and were excited to take hot showers and relax… except there was no hot water. The previous homeowner had told us that the water heater, oven, dryer, and heat were all gas. I had already called the gas company and transferred everything into my name so I immediately called the emergency line thinking something was wrong, but to my dismay, they informed me that the gas had been shut off, and they could do nothing for us. My best guess is the previous homeowner called to cancel it, and the service rep did not confirm the identity just the address. I could not call customer service to get the gas turned back on until Tuesday because of the holiday weekend. Once I was able to get a hold of them, I was told no one would be out until Wednesday. And so we went without hot water and an oven for 5 days.

On Wednesday, our new gas dryer arrived and the lovely delivery person informed me that we did not have a gas line – we have electric for the dryer. And so I sent the dryer back with plans to get our original one from the old house. Not long after, the gas service person arrived and turned the gas back on for us, but also let me know that the oven IS ELECTRIC. Y’all. I wanted to cry my eyes out. I could have been cooking this whole time! And we could have kept and moved our original dryer while we had the movers! Not to worry though; a friend came by and helped us get our dryer to the new house with very little fuss.

All in all, other than scheduling the contractor to complete the work that needs to be done, everything is alright now. I’m extremely thankful that we have our house now and that all of these issues will be laughed about in a couple of years. We’ve had the help of some amazing friends, and everything has eventually worked itself out like it always does. I’m looking forward to easier days going forward.

What’s next for the blog & YouTube…

  • Another YouTube rebrand.
  • A blog rebrand?
  • Twitter username change.
  • Awards, awards, awards.
  • A real ghost story about the time I went ghost hunting in time for Halloween.
  • More sims 4 Speed Builds.
  • Haunting Ground LP continued.
  • And more to come!

Thank you for supporting me during my break. Much love to all of you!

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21 thoughts on “Spoilers! I’m back from hiatus! Future Plans?

  1. Moving places is a nightmare, it took me over a year to get over the stress caused by it for me last year, not to mention the mountains of paperwork – literally more than any book publishing process I’ve gone through! Glad to see you’re on the other side now though, hope you settle in quickly and glad to hear you’re coming back from hiatus!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. You went through so much, oh my gosh! Also, I totally know the feeling of sitting down to write and not being able to. I worked for so many hours on my last blog post, because I’m starting my blog over fresh and I wanted to write my introduction.

    I’m really excited for you and your little family! I hope everything is smooth from here on out!

    Liked by 1 person

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