The Totally Awesome Tomodachi Award (+ tags)

In June, A Geeky Gal was nominated for The Totally Awesome Tomodachi Award by Pinkie at Pinkie’s Paradise! If you just happen to not know who Pinkie is, be prepared to meet the kindest and most entertaining blogger who writes about her love of Pokemon and other geeky things like video games and anime. Thanks again Pinkie for the nomination and for creating this award! It’s very much appreciated!


The Rules:

  • Put the Totally Awesome Tomodachi  Award logo somewhere in your post!
  • Thank the person who nominated you or thank the person who won you a nomination!
  • Nominate up to four bloggers but DO NOT mention them by name.
  • Write about your four nominees, using subjective terms only… as if you were a friend describing them to another friend. DO NOT use factual hard descriptors. End the paragraph with They are my Tomodachi and put a link to one of their articles on that sentence.
  • Make assumptions about them, talk about your interaction or memories with them. Just create a fun little text that keeps your readers guessing who this is. Also talk about what they mean to you.
  • Your followers can play a game if they can recognize the Blogger you are talking about, if they make a guess correctly… they can join the tag as well if they so choose. (Thank the person whose description you guessed)
  • Readers are encouraged to comment their scores in the comments

Tomodachi #1

This blogger and I have gotten pretty close over the last year I want to say, but definitely over this 6 month period of self isolation. We share a lot of ‘Real Life’ stuff  together and chat pretty often. They are just as passionate about mental health as I am and have taught me a lot in the process. They are also really creative, and I have been really proud of them as of recently with their blogging successes that have contributed to our community.

This blogger adores all kinds of geeky fandoms and pours that love into their Sundays every week. They are passionate about their favorite games and fandoms, but I would like to guess World of Warcraft is among their most favorites of all. You may think that because they are geeky that they don’t love makeup and nail polish, but you’d be wrong! They have just as much passion for fashion as they do fandoms. In fact, I first started reading their blog for their fashion and gift guides which are some of the most unique and inclusive that I’ve found.

They are my Tomodachi!

Tomodachi #2

This blogger is what I’d call a “good egg.” They are really sweet and so supportive of everyone in the community. You always know when they come for a visit when your WordPress notifications fill up with their name. It’s the best feeling! I adore their unboxing videos (one of my favorite things ever) and enjoy their perspective on anime and manga. I don’t normally take too much time reading longer blog posts, but I can say that this blogger knows how to keep your attention.

I don’t know them very well on a personal level, but we both love BTS and being Otaku Warriors so I think we could definitely become friends outside of the blogging community. I would guess that this blogger is fiercely loyal and has a small but close group of friends. I would also guess that outside of writing and creating videos that they are generally quiet and are always thinking about what they want to write or create next. I hope none of my guesses offend them!

They are my Tomodachi!

Apologies for only doing two nominations. I’m slowly getting back into writing after my hiatus. Thank you for understanding! I promise to do more nominations for Pinkie’s next epic award!

Please leave your guesses in the comments (no peeking)! If you get one right, you may be nominated for the award too, if you like! As for my Tomodachis, I am looking forward to seeing your Totally Awesome Tomodachi posts and seeing if I can guess the bloggers.

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18 thoughts on “The Totally Awesome Tomodachi Award (+ tags)

  1. I guessed one correctly! The second one I had a few options and I guess wrong!
    But yeah the rules are up to four so you are perfectly fine in just doing two! Thanks for doing these and awesome choices for nominations!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. MEG oh my goodness, this is so kind of you!!! And I absolutely love this type of award/nomination post! I’m a bit late to this, but I do want to mention that the friendship is greatly appreciated—looking forward to more happy chats about k-pop and anime together~!! ^ . ^

    Liked by 1 person

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