Monday Musings: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwiches

I loved to go to your house even though it was an everyday thing. I could always reach for you, and you would meet me halfway as if by instinct. You would hold me, rock me until I was too big to fit in your lap anymore. You’d make me breakfast before school and you’d be there first thing in the afternoon to pick me up and take me to your house. There’ so many little moments we have shared, but there’s a few that stick out to me. Like ice cream sandwiches.

It’s summer time, and I’m still small enough to be rocked, but big enough to talk. The house is cool, and the oscillating fan is going. The TV’s sound is just barely audible over the sound of the fan. You’re in the kitchen, grabbing two ice cream sandwiches from the freezer. You peel most of the paper off of mine and hand it to me as we settle in on your flowery couch to watch an episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

We finish our ice cream sandwiches and then it’s nap time. You stretch out, and I snuggle into the crevice between your legs and the couch as the TV and fan soothe us to sleep on this hot summer day.

And I tuck away another happy memory to pull out when times are getting too hard to smile.

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