Spoilers! I’m Taking a(nother) Short Break

Hello readers and fellow bloggers!

So usually I only take a break once a year but this year has been a wild ride. A lot of good things have happened in the last couple of months. I got a big promotion at work. I’m now a lead artist which basically means I’m the supervisor over all of the artists at the company I work at. It’s been a big shift in responsibilities and lot of hours spent training and learning. I feel like I’m really going to do a good job in this new position, but right now it’s the ultimate time suck. I’ve been pulling extra hours to get things just right, but that should be over once I get past the few hurdles I’ve had thrown at me recently.

On top of a cool promotion, Alec and I have also been house hunting. That is a blog post all on it’s own, but please don’t worry too much; we’re closing on our first home at the end of August! We have a lot to do on top of the financial and negotiating side of the process like sorting things for a yard sale (as we have too much in our little rental house that we don’t want to take with us), packing everything that we do plan on taking to our new home, painting some of the rooms at the new house, actually moving to the new house, and getting a few key pieces of furniture for our new space (Like a couch that isn’t broken and a real bed frame hah! Does this mean we’re adults now?).

During this hectic time, we also welcomed a good friend from Alabama to stay with us while he gets on his feet in STL. My best friend’s husband got a job at the same company I work for so we’re working from home together while he searches for an apartment for his family. Our little space has gotten more lively and while I do enjoy the company, it makes it harder to film videos when I don’t have a private space to do so. I have been able to squeeze out a voice-over here and there, but regular videos with face cam will not be happening in the next couple of months.

All of that to say that basically I will be taking another break. This time it will be from the blog as well as YouTube. I love to write for the blog, and I love to play games for my channel, but those things need to take a back seat so I can focus on real life right now. I do plan on trickling in a post or video here and there as I’ve made prior commitments, but I will most definitely not be answering comments every day as I usually do. If you need to get in touch with me, my DMs on Instagram and Twitter are always open. I will get back to you ASAP. You can find both of those linked below.

If you’re a patron or would like to become a patron, I will be keeping y’all up to date on the behind the scenes of everything as I go along. The link for my Patreon is here if you’d like to support me in that way.

I’m not sure exactly when I will be back but I’m hoping for a comeback date in September. I really appreciate everyone’s understanding ahead of time. I know my platform has grown because of each and everyone of you, and I can’t thank you all enough for giving me this space to be myself. Rest assured, I will be back, and it’ll be better than ever!

Thank you all for understanding. See y’all soon.

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