Harry Potter Challenge: Day 14

If you’re interested in participating in the Harry Potter Challenge, read this post here! Each day I will be posting a question for that day for the next 30 days. When I reach day 31, I will release all 30 questions in a single post with links to all of my answers. Follow along each day with your own post or feel free to wait until the entire challenge has been released and take it on whenever you like! Be sure to link back to the master post at the end or link back to each post for each day.

Day 14 – Charms: Create your own spell.

Charms Class by Wizarding World

Spells are actually pretty difficult to create, but for the sake of today’s Charms lesson, let’s pretend we can make whatever spell we would like! I also used Google to translate some words to help me with the spell names. For myself, I am all about making life a little easier. And since I love to workout, I decided to brainstorm some ways that could help me workout more efficiently!


This spell makes an object heavier! Perfect if you’re like me and only have a few sets of dumbbells but (due to the pandemic) can’t find or afford any heavier items! You can cast this spells on any of your weights to give yourself more of a challenge.

In Charms class, we’re creating our own spells! Feel free to tell us what spell you’d create in the comments below OR take on the challenge yourself and link back to this post so I can see your answer!

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7 thoughts on “Harry Potter Challenge: Day 14

  1. ‘Coiffure’

    A charm spell that allows you to change your hairstyle to whatever you want.
    Not only would it save a lot of time, money on hair product and stress it would also work great to create disguises. The wand motion would be a wavey motion in front of your hair as if you are blowdrying it!

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      1. Unfortunatly I have .. like that electric hair..like how girls wake up in movies, it has a bit of a wave and I often wish it was just straight so probably true!

        Liked by 1 person

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