Harry Potter Challenge: Day 6

If you’re interested in participating in the Harry Potter Challenge, read this post here! Each day I will be posting a question for that day for the next 30 days. When I reach day 31, I will release all 30 questions in a single post with links to all of my answers. Follow along each day with your own post or feel free to wait until the entire challenge has been released and take it on whenever you like! Be sure to link back to the master post at the end or link back to each post for each day.

Day 6 – Which two characters would complete your trio of friends?

Luna Lovegood

Luna is just as weird as I am, and I adore her eccentrics. I think the two of us would really get along. We’re both introverted and intuitive as well. Our IMBT types are very similar, I being an INFJ and Luna being an INFP, making it easier to understand each other. We’re also both smart and creative. I could see us creating art and writing together then sharing and asking the other for feedback. Definitely an easy going friendship.

Neville Longbottom

Neville and I are both enneagram type 6 (though Neville’s type could be up for debate honestly). I could easily see us understanding each other when it comes to being careful and feeling anxious, but we’d also be fiercely loyal to each other and our friends. Neville is also a good example of a healthy type 6 when he matures in the later books, and that is something I could learn from him.

Which two characters would complete your trio of friends? Why? Let me know in the comments below OR take on the challenge yourself and link back to this post so I can see your answer!

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12 thoughts on “Harry Potter Challenge: Day 6

  1. Luna would be my bestie.. the Hermione to my Harry, teaching me her weird ways and making me weirder as our story would progress. I bet I would love finding Nargles with her and we would have similar clothing tastes at times. She is the closest thing Harry Potter has to a Harajuku girl!

    My second friend would be Moaning Myrtle who Luna and me try to turn into Merry Myrtle as friendship is magic! Also it means we could catch any gossip as Merry Myrtle could just spy on everyone which could be great for our adventures together as well.

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  2. I feel like Hermione and I would relate to another level… Together, we’d explore and understand ideas and theories and all sorts of knowledge. We’d pore over huge books together, and ace the OWLs!
    Ginny would be a part of our trio. I love her sassy nature and feisty courage- she’d be a sliiiiiightly bad influence on us (xD), BUT she’d also inspire us to stop being such “bores.”
    Of course, Luna would be a perfect addition to this group…
    But Luna and I are pretty similar, and having to whackos in one group might be a wee bit overwhelming.

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