10 Healing BTS Song Lyrics

Most K-Pop isn’t open about mental health, mental illness, or personal struggles, and that’s where BTS is different. One of the biggest reasons I love BTS is their incredible lyrics that touch on aspects of mental health and mental illness. Their music videos speak volumes even with a language barrier. Their canon Webtoon, The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.0: Save Me, dives into the mental health of their alter egos as well and lends a hand to their narrative of healing, loving yourself, and moving forward.

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite lyrics from BTS’s songs that have been healing for me. Whether I was deep in depression on these days or just needing a little reminder that I’m going to be okay, BTS was able to touch my heart, and I hope that some of these songs and lyrics can help you as well.


BTS CREDIT: Big Hit Entertainment

Magic Shop

On days I hate being myself, days I want to disappear forever / Let’s make a door in your heart / Open the door and this place will await / It’s okay to believe, the Magic Shop will comfort you — “Magic Shop”

You gave me the best of me / So you’ll give you the best of you / You found me. You knew me / You gave me the best of me / So you’ll give you the best of you / You’ll find it, the galaxy inside you — “Magic Shop”

Answer: Love Myself

Maybe there’s no answer / Maybe this isn’t the answer either / It’s just that loving myself / Doesn’t require anyone else’s permission / I’m looking for myself again / But I don’t wanna die anymore / Me, who used to be sad / Me, who used to be hurt / It’ll make me more beautiful — “Answer: Love Myself”

Not Today

All the underdogs in the world / A day may come when we lose / But it is not today / Today we fight — “Not Today”

If you can’t fly, then run / Today we will survive / If you can’t run, then walk / Today we will survive / If you can’t walk, then crawl / Even if you have to crawl, gear up — “Not Today”

ON (feat. Sia)

Even if I fall, I come right up, scream / That’s how we’ve always been / Even if my knees drop to the ground / As long as they don’t get buried / It won’t matter / Win no matter what / Whatever you say, whatever they say / I don’t give a uhh — “ON”

Louder Than Bombs

Where’s my way? / The ground keeps quaking / I collapse on my own, mute / Louder than bombs, yeah / I want to tell you, that darkness / Exists everywhere, don’t be afraid of it / Whatever night may swallow me, I won’t give up / The fight for you, we’ll shine — “Louder Than Bombs”

0:00 (Zero O’Clock)

Put my hands together to pray / Hoping that tomorrow I’ll laugh more, for me / It’ll be better, for me / When this song ends / May a new song begin / Hoping that I’ll be a little happier, yeah — “00:00 (Zero O’Clock)”

2! 3! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)

It’s okay, come on when I say one, two, three forget it / Erase all sad memories, hold my hand and smile / It’s okay, come on when I say one, two, three forget it / Erase all sad memories / Smile holding onto each other’s hands

Hoping for more good days / If you believe what I say then one, two, three / If you believe then one, two, three — “2! 3! (Still Wishing For More Good Days)”

Interlude: Wings

believe in myself, my back hurts because / It’s to sprout my wings / I believe in you, I may be weak now / But in the end, it will be an incredible jump / Fly, fly up in the sky / Fly, fly get ’em up high / This is the path you chose dude, don’t doubt yourself / This is only the first flight uh — “Interlude: Wings”

What K-Pop songs feature lyrics that are healing for you? What other BTS lyrics speak to you? Let me know in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “10 Healing BTS Song Lyrics

  1. I haven’t listened to KPOP in a long time since 2NE1 disbanded, I’ve been pretty ambivalent towards listening to anyone. However, this is a beautiful post, and I never knew they even sang songs like this, thanks for this. I appreciate it!

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