Top 10 Most Streamed BTS Songs

While I’m still really sad about not being able to attend BTS’s concert due to COVID19, I thought today would be a good time to share ten of my most streamed BTS songs! I gathered these from Spotify and (most known for giving a year-end review of your streamed music for 2019). I don’t really have a way of putting these in a true top 10 order so consider that these BTS songs are in no particular order.
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ON (Feat. Sia)

If I had a number 1 streamed BTS song, I’m positive it would be “ON.” It’s one of my favorite to play while working out or to get pumped up on my way to the gym or dancing in the car. I even play it while cleaning the house! It’s most definitely a personal favorite.


“DNA” is one of the first music videos I watched for BTS, and it got me excited to continue watching their music videos and finding more songs to fall in love with. I wish this one was on Just Dance Unlimited. I’d dance to it every day.


If you want a song to start your lifting session, “UGH!” is it. I feel super powerful every time this song comes up on Spotify. I don’t need to understand the language to knock out a new personal record on my lifts to this one.

Burning Up (Fire)

After “DNA,” “Burning Up (Fire)” was the next song I tried out from BTS. It really confirmed that I found a new band to love. The beat, lyrics, powerful vocals, and the music video to back it all up, make for an incredible musical experience. And yes, you can work out to this one too!


After watching an interview with BTS with puppies, they mentioned “FAKE LOVE.” I immediately gave it a listen and fell head over heels for this song. This is another one that I wish this one was on Just Dance Unlimited. It never fails to get me dancing.

Not Today

I love to start my workout warm up with “Not Today.” It makes me  feel invincible for the rest of my workout. I also like to end my workouts with it as it gives me that extra push to finish out strong. On a non-workout front though, it’s a really powerful song that lifts me up on my darker days.


“Respect” is a really fun track from Map of the Soul 7 and one that I was really looking forward to hearing live. While I love the amazing vocals from other songs, songs that focus on rapping, like “Respect,” feel even more authentic.

Boy With Luv (Feat. Halsey)

If there was a song that I loved to sing the most from BTS, it’s most definitely “Boy With Luv.” The dance moves and lyrics are so fun! I love to listen to this one while getting ready for my day and cooking dinner.

Blood Sweat & Tears

I first heard “Blood Sweat & Tears” while watching this music video. The visuals are stunning. The vocals are top notch (as always). And the choreography? They killed it. I can’t hear this song without visualizing this video.


“Run” has taken on an entirely new meaning since I read The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt.0: Save Me. I have barely scratched the surface of the canon Bangtan Universe, but this video speaks volumes. Are you a fan of BTS? What songs are you favorite? Let me know in the comments below!
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17 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Streamed BTS Songs

    1. Love that we have similar tastes! The first time I heard ON, it didn’t include Sia, but I grabbed the album on Spotify and that’s when I heard her on the track for the first time and that’s the one that usually plays. I’ll have to see if the version without her is there (it probably is but I didn’t think too much of it at the time).


  1. Blood Sweat Tears era is legendary, as is the music video—same for Fake Love! I’ve also found myself listening to Fire and Run more recently, maybe because of seeing the spring BANG BANG CON a couple months back. Glad to see ON feat. Sia getting some love!

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  2. Some other BTS songs you should check out are Magic Shop, Make It Right ft. Lauv, Black Swan, My Time, Anpanman, The Truth Untold, and Singularity. I love all of their songs, but these ones in particular first caught my ear when I first started listening to them.

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