On YouTube: Choosing my BTS Bias & Haunting Ground

During my mental health break form my blog, I continued to upload to my YouTube channel. Most recently, I shared a video inspired by this month’s theme: K-Pop! On YouTube today, I am finally choosing my BTS bias! Who will I choose? Click the first link below to find out! I also began a new Let’s Play for yet another PS2 classic: Haunting Ground. Haunting Ground is a 2005 horror game that shares some of the same elements as Rule of Rose like a blonde girl as the main character and her dog companion, but make no mistake. The horrors that await Fiona in Belli Castle are much, much different… Check out the Let’s Play so far down below.

Choosing my BTS Bias?!? // Quizzes & Bios on BTS

Haunting Ground // Just a Sheet in the Wind PART 1

Haunting Ground // WE GOT THE DOG! PART 2

Haunting Ground // Death by a Thousand Needles PART 3

Haunting Ground // Did we kill him?! Part 4

Haunting Ground // Why are you so OBSESSED with me?? Part 5

Any idea what the next K-Pop inspired video will be? What was your first impression of Haunting Ground? What would you like to see me play next? Let me know in the comments!
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