Spoilers! I’m Back! What’s Next?

Hello again readers and fellow bloggers!

If you are unaware, I took off from blogging for the month of May to focus on my mental health and get my life in order now that I am working from home indefinitely which still seems to be the case, fortunately and unfortunately. COVID-19 has taken a massive toll on me, my family, and my mental health. Taking a break felt like the best course of action, and I was right! I am back from my break and feeling more comfortable, refreshed, and organized. So let’s chat about what I did on my break and what’s next for A Geeky Gal & Megan Marie YT!

photo by A Geeky Gal // @meggsngrits

What I did on my break…

  • Created a work-from-home space that is organized and free of distractions.
  • Practiced lots and lots of real self care and indulged in games and Netflix for other self care.
  • Filmed multiple videos for YouTube.
  • Got a new PC for more power to edit longer videos.
  • Kept my patrons updated on Patreon.
  • I brainstormed lots of ideas and goals I’d like to accomplish one day.

The first thing I knew I needed to do on my break was clean and organize the Library to become my work-from-home office space. I had what I called a “death pile” of clothing that needed to be listed on Poshmark and put away that was literally overflowing. I took care of listing all of the tops, coats, jackets, and dresses in one day. Another day I listed the bottoms and accessories that were left. Everything was then hung up in a spare closet or folded and put into fabric boxes. Then I picked up all the odds and ends that had made their way into the Library.

Cleaning is a form of self care for me, and I did end up cleaning my home top to bottom. It did wonders for my mental health. With Padme still being on bedrest (Update: Padme has been given the okay to start exercising again!), I ended up purchasing a dog stroller so I could walk with her and get her some fresh air at the same time. I’ve even been able to keep up with my skincare routine and my work out schedule while taking a break in self isolation. In between the real acts of self care, I have also been playing Animal Corssing: New Horizons and Haunting Ground, and watching Stargate SG1 and Charmed (Netflix).

I was able to film my Haunting Ground Let’s Plays throughout my break and even filmed a week in my life in self isolation (coming soon). Thanks to my husband building me a brand new PC that harbors quite a bit more power than my old one, I have been able to edit videos faster and more efficiently. I also kept my patrons up to date on everything like updates on Padme and my life as well as what is in store for June.

In case you missed my Instagram stories during my break, I basically word vomited a ton of ideas I’ve had on my mind for awhile. Ideas like making a video games, writing a novel, creating a comic, opening an Etsy store, etc. I ended up overwhelming myself quite a bit with all of these dreams I hope to accomplish one day. I have written all of these ideas down now and have started breaking them down into smaller goals and milestones. I haven’t yet decided which path I want to take first so I am focusing on practicing my digital drawing as it is very much the cornerstone to most of my ideas.

What’s next for the blog & YouTube…

  • K-Pop/BTS-inspired posts & videos for the month of June.
  • Mid-year resolution check-in in June.
  • A Week in the Life will premiere on YouTube.
  • More Look Books are in the works.
  • A surprise for the blog!

Some of you may know that I had bought tickets to see BTS in concert for June. The concert may be postponed due to COVID-19, but I have decided to go through with my plans to dedicate June to my love for K-Pop and BTS. Posts include Saturday Suggestions for K-Pop and K-Drama Webtoons, A K-Pop Work Out Playlist, My Top 10 Most Streamed BTS Songs, a special Mental Health in the Geek Community post discussing BTS’ lyrics, and more!

Every year in June, I take a look at my resolutions I made at the beginning of the year to see what I’ve accomplished, what I need to work towards, and if my goals need to change. Mid-June I will be taking a look at 2020’s resolutions! It’s no secret that COVID-19 has taken its toll so it’ll be interesting to take a look at what I had hoped to accomplish and what will be feasible for the times we’re in.

During my break, I filmed a week in my life (self isolation style). I show a bit of my day-to-day including a bit of cleaning, walking the dog, some meals, lots of work outs, video games and more. I also planned some LookBooks for this year that I hope will pan out. I had hoped to thrift pieces I need, but I am still not able to thrift in person. I will have to rely on sites like Poshmark, Depop, and Thread Up to get the items I need for each look.

Last, but certainly not least, I have a surprise in store for the month of July. Patrons already know what’s going down. If you’d like to be kept in the loop, you can join the Geeky Gang via the Patron link below!

Thank you all for the kind and supportive messages during my break. I adore our community and am happy to be back and feeling much better. I hope you all are excited to see what I have planned over the next couple of months. Things are about to get a lot more magical around here…

Thanks for supporting me during my mental health break. It feels great to be back! Much love to all of you!

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31 thoughts on “Spoilers! I’m Back! What’s Next?

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post! Glad to have you back, I missed your blog 😀 (I’m not going to say I missed you cos we’ve been talking and stuff :P). Can’t wait to see what you have planned! *excited*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Welcome back! I need to check out those let’s plays .. I saw them and thought it was still Rule of the Rose… which I can’t watch because of the ending !
    I havent seen the ending of Haunting Grounds though I saw it played before. Curious to see what will happen next on the blog! Kinda poor to become a Patron.. so now I just have to wait for the surprise… :O

    Glad to see you back again! I have this list of blogs I scroll trouugh each week to try and keep up with everyone and seeing your site be still .. always was a bit sad. Your one of the inspiration blogs to me! Mental health comes first of course but the place felt emptier without you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Pinkie! I totally get why you would think it was Rule of Rose: blonde girl with a dog in a creepy setting. Lol! And I completely understand on the Patreon front. I appreciate all of your support in other ways! You’re always commenting and sharing my posts and that is not something you can put a price on. ❤

      It feels good to be back! And it also feels good to know me and my blog were missed. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Who else do I have to push all the weird award Ideas I have on 😉
        Also just so you know .. the recent on I technically made while you were away so I kept my promise to you! :p

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Browsed WordPress and I found ur blog. U have a lot going on and it’s nice u have a busy life. And u draw? That’s awesome! I want to see ur art. I recently uploaded mine 🙂 anyway, stay safe! I followed ur blog

    Liked by 1 person

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