Seriously Geeky Sundays: Creativity

Heather at Just Geeking By has created wonderful and unique prompts for Sundays! There are a few other sites out there who post weekly prompts, but I have to say Heather’s are by far some of the most unique and imaginative that I’ve read. I’m really excited to make Seriously Geeky Sundays a staple here on the blog! See the prompts here!

Today’s prompt is about Creativity. Heather says that today is World Intellectual Property Day. As such, she wanted to promote creativity and the creative side of geeky fandoms! As a 3D modeler and graphic designer, I am super excited to dive into these questions so let’s get started!

What does creativity in fandoms/geeky interests mean to you?

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Inspiration for my art and writing. Motivation to pursue my own projects. Drive to be better and practice more with modeling and drawing. Seeing art brought to life within fandoms whether it’s animation, a storyline, or fantastically written characters, takes me to a place inside me that can be hard to reach.

What is the most creative storyline you’ve come across?

I am currently watching West World, and the first season has a WILD storyline. I can’t even tell you because the twist is a huge spoiler. Doctor Who has several arcs that I really loved. And I can’t forget about Harry Potter that introduced me to the world of magic. If I had to pick a single TV show or book or comic though… I would have to say The Mandalorian. What a ride it has been so far!

Who is your favorite artsy/creative character?

Edward Scissorhands has got to be my most favorite artsy character. While the story is tragic (but also one of my favorites), you have to give to Edward when it comes to topiaries, hair cute of both the canine and human variety, and ice sculptures. He did more than make the best of what he had; he created art with what others would have considered a disability.

Who is your favorite quirky character?

Luna Lovegood is one of the quirkiest and creative characters that I’ve ever seen that was just unapologetically herself. JK Rowling didn’t make her the butt of jokes or play with aspects of mental health that can really be offensive most of the time if done in poor taste. I really loved the way she was portrayed in the book and on screen.

Which fictional innovative invention do you wish existed in real life?

The food replicators from Star Trek! This invention could solve so many global issues, but on the more selfish side, I wouldn’t have to spend time meal prepping on Sundays anymore. I would have healthy food available to me for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner without spending hours cooking and cleaning.

What upcoming fandom are you most looking forward to?

I’m not diving into any new fandoms this year (that I know of). However, I am looking forward to The Mandalorian coming back in October as well as The Orville that is supposed to make an appearance before the end of 2020. Hopefully the Charmed reboot also makes a comeback, and I hear we’re getting a second season for Netflix’s Love is Blind at some point!

Please go check out Heather’s geeky Sunday prompts! You can see the introductory post here! Tell me about some of your favorite creativity seen in fandoms!

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6 thoughts on “Seriously Geeky Sundays: Creativity

  1. I still need to watch The Mandalorian. We’re waiting for a moment when we’re both feeling ok enough to binge watch it and the full season is available. Edward Scizzorhands is such a good choice for artsy character!

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  2. Nice to E-Meet you! Heather has some awesome ideas! I’d love to take part in this but I just am rubbish when it comes to posting regularly! I am a bit more sporadic! Great responses too 🙂

    Writing into the Ether

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