17 thoughts on “5 Games That Have Had The Biggest Impact On My Life (+ tags)

  1. After so long intending to get around to it, I’m finally playing Katawa Shoujo and it’s really pulled me in, so I can see why you like it. Still on my first route, though. It’s not a short one.

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    1. Life is so strange like that! A game can just drop into your lap and before you know it, it’s changed how you feel and think about life.

      KH is the best of both worlds. (And I can’t wait to go back to Disney World once it’s safe to do so!) I really hope we can get another fantastic mash up one day like Kingdom Hearts, though it probably won’t compare.

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      1. OMG I know! The one I had for Ohana was literally the LAST reservation for that entire week and it was at 930! The restaurant closes at 10! So I can only imagine how many other people are probably bummed about having to cancel theirs too.

        Sucks this happened. I mean it sucks for a lot of people but it’s hard to stay positive when you have to let go of something you’ve waited years for T_T.

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      2. I absolutely understand. Your feelings are valid 100%. Disney for most people is a once (or twice) in a lifetime kind of trip. Saving and planning is an entire event in itself. I really feel for you and everyone else who had to cancel their first trip to Disney for this year. It’s so sad. I hope you still get to go after all of this is over (and that you get your reservations!!!). ❤️

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