A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: March 2020

Welcome to my March 2020 recap! It’s been a weird time my friends, and March has been the strangest month of 2020 in my opinion. That didn’t stop things here on the blog though! With the first week of April already passed us, let’s take a look at the month of March here on A Geeky Gal!


1K WordPress Followers // Ask Me Anything!

Hey y’all! Today I’m celebrating reaching 1,000 WordPress followers by answering your questions from Twitter and Instagram! STUFF MENTIONED: https://ageekygal.com/2020/01/08/5-le…

When Escapism Isn’t a Good Thing: 8 Ways to Make Escapism


I want to begin by saying escapism itself isn’t unhealthy. It’s actually completely normal, and we all do it. It helps us from burning out more quickly than we would without it. It allows us to come back to an initially overwhelming problem with a better attitude about it. Escapism can allow us to reconnect with ourselves and things we care about as well like games, comics, and TV shows.

So when does escapism become a “bad” thing? If you find yourself ignoring or avoiding issues in your life, then you are on teetering on the edge of escapism becoming unhealthy. You are using your hobbies,  interests, and creative outlets as a way to not deal with whatever issues are going on in your life in that moment. Escapism is meant to be temporary. When is becomes a constant part of your life, escapism is no longer considered an escape.

Last year, I was inspired by Erin from Girly Geek Blog’s article on denial to write about my experience with escapism and how it isn’t always good for our mental health. People use escapism every day though books, music, television, games, comics, fandoms, etc. to distract ourselves from the stress and hardships of every day life. It’s a way to relax after a long day. It’s a way to escape into something else for just a little while. The real trick is how to come back after escaping for so long.

Building a Healthy Romance in Anime [OWLS Devotion Tour]


When I think about some of my favorite anime couples, there’s not many that come to mind that seem healthy or realistic. Usually we have the ‘love is complicated’ couples that fall head over heels for each other quickly but deal with a lot of miscommunication, arguments, love triangles, and drama. We have the ‘will they, won’t they?’ couples that sometimes take an entire season to confess that they like each other which has some viewers (me) ripping their hair out in frustration. We have the ‘couples that present one side as heavily devoted while the other is unaware or aloof. Sometimes we have a combination of different types, but mostly I hardly ever see a healthy romance play out, because it just doesn’t make for entertaining episodes to keep audiences coming back.

This is not to say that there are never healthy romantic relationships represented in anime. In fact, today’s post in exactly about that! In honor of this month’s theme for March’s OWLS tour, Devotion, I wanted to take a dive into My Love Story!!‘s leading couple, Takeo and Yamato, and their devotion to each other in a budding and healthy romance.

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This is how I #flauntmyfandom2020! . @ageekgirlstees is looking for brand reps so I thought I’d toss my hat in the ring. I incorporate geeky items into my wardrobe *all* the time. Whether I’m chilling at home, filming for YouTube, at the office, or working out in the gym, I love to dress up an outfit with a geeky tee or accessory. It makes any outfit more personalized and more “me.” I also love to cosplay when I get the opportunity to! Geeky tees are also a staple at cons for new when I need to be more comfortable. I put together a collection of some of the outfits I’ve documented on Instagram to show off my style. 😊 . Fandoms are a huge part of my life. My husband and I are total Geeks and most of our down time is spent gaming, catching up on our favorite shows (currently watching Star Gate), and catching the latest Disney or Marvel movie at the cinema for date night. I also have a blog dedicated to all things geeky including anime, games, cosplay, and more. My youtube channel also features let’s plays and geek fashion look books! I have so many look books planned for spring and summer that I’d love to feature @ageekgirlstees in! . I love to support small businesses and creators, and as a long time reader of @ageekgirlsguide, I’d love to help support Michelle! ❤️ She’s done a lot for our blog community and deserves success! Good luck to all the other perspective reps! Be sure to visit @ageekgirlstees to see how you can enter to be a rep, too! 😊 #geekyblogger #geekyyoutuber #geekfashion #geekgirl #geeklife #geekculture #geekygal

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