Saturday Suggestion – Webtoon: Lookism

Y’all I have fallen hard for the Webtoon app. Ever since discovering Lore Olympus, I have been reading tons and tons of comics created for the platform. There’s so many talented creators that I just knew I had to add Webtoons to the Saturday Suggestions! I want to kick this off with one of my favorite Webtoons right now: Lookism.

Lookism by Taejoon Park

Brief intro: Meet Daniel Park, a chubby, unattractive high school student who has been bullied for most of his school days. All of the bullying and harassment has given Daniel a temper against his mother who only wants to give him the best she can. So she agrees to transfer him to a new high school, far away from his bullies where Daniel can continue to run away from his problems.

But things take a crazy turn when Daniel wakes up for his first day at his new school. He sees his body still sleeping on his mat… and he’s a new body, one that is tall, fit, and handsome. He sees through the eyes of everyone he envied. He’s treated vastly differently as an attractive and athletic high schooler in a new place with new faces. He can be who he wants to be and make friends like he always wanted to.

But now, Daniel has to live his life in two bodies, his day split in half. Half spent with eyes that see the good in the world, and the other half spent with eyes that only see hate and discrimination. The new body grants him things he could only dream of, while his original body brings him back to the real world which is dark and harsh for those that look like him.

Review: The definition of lookism as defined by Google is the “construction of a standard for beauty and attractiveness, and judgments made about people on the basis of how well or poorly they meet the standard.” Lookism is an amazing webtoon that makes this definition tangible in comic form through Daniel Park’s journey through high school in two vastly different bodies that are able to see two sides of the same coin that is the world as he knows it.

I was first recommended Lookism by my wonderful husband. He always knows when I’ll love something, and Lookism is no different. At first glance, it may seem like a typical drama, but this webtoon is so much more than that. At the time, I had well over 250 chapters to read, and I dove in head first into Park’s world.

If you can forgive the art style at the very humble beginnings of this webtoon, Lookism has an incredibly deep and dark story line with so many story arcs, characters with mysterious backstories and varied personalities, and layers that tackle mental health, bullying, harassment, and more. As Park’s art style improves, his story only continues to get darker, but there is a light in this dark tunnel whose name is Daniel, and that is what keeps me coming back.

As I watched Daniel’s character evolve, change, and better himself, I found myself rooting for him. Rooting for the change he desperately wanted to see in himself while in his original body. Yeah, being popular and handsome is cool, but seeing Daniel start to use that “power” for good and to raise up others continuously has me in tears. The change in Daniel is so subtle, with backslides and relapses into old habits, but it’s the positive changes that keeps me hanging on.

Along with Daniel, we are introduced to a multitude of characters that help or hinder him along the way. And sometimes these characters get to take the webtoon for a bit all to themselves so that we the readers get to see a different side to them. Zack, Vasco, Jay, Mira, Crystal, Zoe, Logan and more all have bits and pieces of their lives revealed as we watch Daniel’s story unfold. Eventually, they become so intertwined, this is no longer just Daniel’s story about how Lookism has affected his life and continues to affect everyone else’s.

And we’re not even finished yet, y’all. This webtoon is far from over.

I am currently on chapter #274, and we haven’t completed one of the biggest arcs so far in the story yet. I have loved every second of this journey so far with Daniel. It’s been frustrating, tear-jerking, joyful, heart-breaking, and so much more. Park has really poured their heart into creating so a magnificent master piece. If you though a comic or webtoon couldn’t bring you to your knees, you haven’t read Lookism.

As a note from me to you, Lookism deals with a lot of issues that may be triggering to some readers such as physical, verbal, and mental bullying, gambling, extortion, stalking, gang activity, rape, and attempted murder. There is also a lot of violence. While earlier chapters still depict some uncensored acts, most later chapters have censored bubbles for more sensitive and triggering content. Lookism is most definitely more suitable for mature readers.

Bottom Line: This is a fantastic Webtoon that dives into the darkest parts of humanity and still manages to bring a light to the darkness.

Genre: Drama

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