A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: February 2020

Welcome to my February 2020 recap! February has seen quite a lot of milestones here on the blog including a huge announcement at the beginning of this month as well as over NINE blog nominations since the start of 2020. We have a lot to get to today. With the first week of March already passed us, let’s take a look at the month of February here on A Geeky Gal!


A Geeky Gal is Now on Patreon!


I am excited to announce that A Geeky Gal is now on Patreon! If you read my 2020 resolutions, then you already spied my plan to create and launch a Patreon for my blog and YouTube channel this year. After several months of creating tiers, choosing rewards, and crafting a page that really speaks to my goals and mission, it’s finally ready!

My blog has grown over the years, and you have expectations when it comes to the quality content that I lovingly produce like the yearly themed 30 Day Challenges and the new, in-depth Mental Health in the Geek Community series. Recently, I have even expanded to YouTube as Megan Marie where geeky look books, geek fashion, hauls, vlogs, and Let’s Plays are becoming the norm with the new rebrand. With support from my patrons, I also hope to begin interviewing well-known cosplayers, video game creators, and more!

When Fandoms Take All of Your Spoons: 4 Ways to Deal with Toxic Fandoms


Thank you to Michelle at A Geek Girl’s Guide for suggesting this topic for my Mental Health in the Geek Community series! Michelle asked me to write about how to survive the toxicity of fans online which is honestly becoming more and more of an issue across social media. Most recently, Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker caused quite an uproar in the community and has been the latest movie of the series to divide fans; however, this article isn’t about the Skywalker Saga or the toxicity in the Star Wars community, but rather about what we can do to keep our love of our fandoms without sacrificing our mental health to others who create this toxicity within our beloved fandoms.

How can we deal with the toxicity without giving up our fandoms?

After Dark: Negligee


Brief intro: You are an assistant of a lingerie shop that is aptly named ‘Negligee.’ (I love it when they use the name of the game somewhere.) That assistant manager’s name is Hannah. Unfortunately for Hannah, she is tasked with suddenly managing Negligee after her manager suddenly quits. Yet another wrench is throw in the mix when Hannah is tasked to find a girl to help her around the shop. Again, unfortunately for Hannah, the girls that apply are really attractive, and Hannah has a wandering mind that might get her into some situations that would make HR raise their eyebrow.

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