My Waifus for Laifu

A recent webtoon comic called My Giant Nerd Boyfriend sparked the inspiration behind this post just in time for the upcoming holiday. That holiday is, of course, Valentine’s Day. To celebrate, I thought I’d share five my current top five waifu’s from anime (and maybe a video game…). The 5 women on this list are all strong with a heart of gold. I definitely have a type if you can’t tell.

Tohru Honda (Fruits Basket 2019)


Sweet Tohru stole my heart in the newest rendition of Fruits Basket. She is flawed and impossibly optimistic. She’s made it her mission to make sure no one feels alone and that she is there for them through thick and thin. Who doesn’t need a Tohru in their life?

Asuna Yuuki (Sword Art Online)


You already knew this one was coming. Asuna is my all time favorite female character. She’s sweet and strong. She fights for her friends. The newest season of Alicization had my heart racing as she *spoiler* finally made her appearance in-game.

Yuna (Final Fantasy X/X-2)


While Yuna may not be considered an actual waifu as she’s from a video game and not anime, I couldn’t help but include her. I see so much of myself in her and relate on a personal level. And her dress spheres got me like WOAH in FFX-2.

Moka Akashiya (Rosario + Vampire)


I don’t talk enough about my favorite pink haired vampire. Moka (inner and outer) is a dynamic character with the two side of herself with and without her rosary. Getting to know both should have put her twice on this list, but we’ll stick with one… for now.

Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)


I’m still pretty new to Fairy Tail, but my husband warned me upfront that Erza would be my favorite. He was right. The wardrobe changes are fantastic, but Erza’s personality and story keep me coming back for more. Stay tuned for a playlist on this character.

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18 thoughts on “My Waifus for Laifu

  1. Oh wow you have a very different taste in women than I do! Still fun to read. I could Tohru maybe. Erza I would get jaleous off. So many clothes and so capable! I like Moka as well but she might be a bit to much for me to handle! Though being a vampire would be neat. I would not be able to well if she is to dominant around me xD

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  2. Tohru FOREVER!!! I haven’t seen the other anime (except the first season of SAO). My waifus include Tohru, Nana Oosaki (from Nana) and Haruhi from Ouran HS Host Club (the latter two are so practical lol)!

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