A Geeky Gal’s 2019 Yearly Recap

Welcome to my first ever yearly recap! I noticed many of you really enjoy the monthly recaps so I thought why not do a yearly one, too? As always, there are some highlighted posts that I loved writing in 2019 as well as popular posts from my Instagram and Twitter. I included at least two top posts for each month of 2019 as I did take a mental health break during the year. Some months saw more views than others so I included the most viewed and popular posts for those months. I’m even sharing a few of my favorite and most viewed YouTube channel videos from this year!

I know I keep saying it but 2019 really was a fantastic year for A Geeky Gal, and I very much looking forward to 2020 with all of you!

Highlights of 2019


Spoilers! We had a wedding! (January)

I have always heard that your wedding day will go by so fast, in the blink of an eye. While this was indeed true, I felt like we took many moments to just bask in our day and enjoy everyone’s company. We were both so, so glad his family could come all the way from Ireland to be there with us. And we were so thankful to have so many people who helped put our wedding together. It really was the best day ever.


What Anxiety Is Like (February)

Anxiety is like you’re constantly getting closer to the top of a roller coaster,

but you never feel the rush of going down.

Anxiety is like being nervous about a big test or an interview or a speech,

but the feeling never goes away after it’s over.


Spoilers! We went to Disney! (April)

Last October, Alec and I finally celebrated our wedding with our family and friends after being married for a year. We had an amazing Disney honeymoon planned for ourselves and decided to push it to January for work and financial reasons. I’m really glad we did, because we weren’t rushed after the wedding to board a plane. We got to bask in the glow of our wedding and head home without worrying about packing all over again. When January finally came, and Alec and I flew from STL to Orlando, Florida (with a stop in between) where we boarded Disney’s Magical Express bus. Soon we were whisked away to our amazing resort: Port Orleans French Quarter.


Welcome to the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge (August)

This prompt is all about you and what makes you geeky. We’ll be taking a look at your favorite fandoms, characters, hobbies, the geek community, and more. You can make you answers as long or as short as you like, but I find that telling the story behind every answer makes for a cathartic blog post. I invite all of you to take on this challenge, geeky blogger or not! I think one of the best parts of this challenge is how anyone can answer these questions.


Gaming After Dark: Katawa Shoujo (October)

If you thought you would be able to play this visual novel like you have any other… think again. What makes Katawa Shoujo so special is its unique take on the traditional adult dating sim formula. Despite it’s adult themes and appearance, this game will destroy you emotionally. Grab the tissues; you’ll need them for more than what you think.

Most Popular Posts from 2019













Most Viewed YouTube Videos of 2019

Disney Honeymoon // January 2019

Geek Chic Lookbook // Pretty Girls Like Anime

Hobby to Career // How I Became a 3D Modeler

Welcome to My Channel! // New YouTuber Tag

Geeks Doing Geeky Things // Hartline Art

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