On YouTube: Health Goals for 2020 & Rule of Rose Playthrough

On YouTube, there are a whopping two videos this week! One Tuesday, I played Rule of Rose in Part 7 with the longest boss fight ever… Come watch me fail hilariously! Future scheduling for Let’s Play may also change to every other Friday with regular content on the other Fridays!

Today on YouTube is my first video since my rebrand (which you can watch here). I go over my personal goals for 2020 as well as my fitness and health goals for this year! I’m excited to see how far I can go and look back to appreciate how far I have come. I’m making 2020 the year of growth for myself.

Let’s play Rule of Rose // The longest boss fight ever! PART SEVEN

My Goals for 2020 // Health, Weight Loss & More

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4 thoughts on “On YouTube: Health Goals for 2020 & Rule of Rose Playthrough

  1. Trainers are expensive. I could never afford one. I could barely afford a membership at a cheap fitness club.

    The importance of nonscale objectives can’t be overemphasized. My objective was greater strength, better cardio and look good naked. (LOL!) Strength was measured by what weight I could lift 8 times with control on several different machines. Cardio was by how many laps I could run before I ran out of juice and my blood pressure at my checkups. I let my wife decide on the last objective.

    Yeah, I occasionally weighed myself, but it was purely informational because I knew from how I felt how I was doing. I had no weight “objective”. I think I did pretty good. But as I pushed into my late 50s and early 60s, a combination of stress at work, working long hours at a desk, no free time for regular exercise and arthritis in my joints, I started packing the pounds on – 45 pounds, actually.

    I’ve retired and that helped a lot. I started doing more long hikes. Pushups and chin-ups and such. Never underestimate the power of even simple home exercises. Arthritis is a bit of a limiting factor.

    I would ride my bike more except I’ve lost a lot of padding for my ischial tuberosities. I haven’t thrown my back out in quite a while. For some people that is really important. Used to have to take a lot of work off because of back issues that are now gone. I lost 4 inches around my waist and can walk miles up significant grades without exhausting myself.

    Congratulations on your determination to get fit. It is a lifelong deal. Once you get to where you want to be, you can stick with it at a reduced rate but don’t backslide like I did. Weight loss becomes more difficult when you are older and muscles don’t build up like they used to.

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    1. I’m very fortunate to have a trainer. My husband and I sat down and decided where we could cut back so that I could do this. I don’t regret it as I’ve learned so much valuable information, but I don’t plan to keep a trainer once the contract is over.

      That’s amazing that you’ve been able to do that for yourself. Life happens and sometimes we aren’t able to take care of ourselves like we’d like.

      I’ve tried to lose weight before and I was successful for a brief time, but now I am making the choice to do it for my health and myself. 😊 I’ll admit I wish that I had been given more opportunities when I was younger to be healthy and more fit, but 27 isn’t too late to start.

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