Spoilers! What’s On My Bucket List?

This post first appeared on a very old blog of mine several years ago. In the spirit of the New Year, I decided to update it, and post it here for everyone to see. Maybe it will even give you some ideas for your own bucket list!

“Carpe Diem – to urge someone to make the most of the present time and give little thought to the future.” Or “seize the day.” Or “life is too short.” Or “when in Rome”. Or “you only live once.” Or “now or never.” So many names for just one word: live.

This week, I’ve been thinking a lot about happiness. Mainly, my own happiness. I’ve always have had a hard time focusing on myself. I always feel bad, like my attention should be elsewhere, like on work or school or family or friends. While those things are important, I am still important too.

I’ve shared a lot with my readers, and I’m not going to stop now. I’ve made myself a bucket list of 100 things I want to do before I “kick the bucket.” There’s no time like now, right? I’m working on a few of these presently, but I’m honestly excited to start marking these things off. I know these things will make me happy, and I hope after reading my bucket list, you’ll make your own.

  1. Visit all 50 states in America – I was born here, and I would love to see every state. Currently, I’ve visited Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Missouri.
  2. See the Hawaiian Islands – While this may go under visiting all 50 states, I want to see all the big islands of Hawaii. It’s totally a different way of life there and I want to dip my toes in those beautiful clear waters!
  3. Visit Niagara Falls – Just one of those sights you gotta see.
  4. See the Grand Canyon – Also a sight you just have to see.
  5. Experience Christmas at Disney – Alec and I went to Disney for our honeymoon while some of the decorations were still up after the New Year, but I’d love to go for Christmas and celebrate the day with the mouse!
  6. Watch the ball drop in Times Square – I’ve watched it on television most years so why not see it in person? Also, it’s my birthday. What a way to celebrate the New Year!
  7. Party in Vegas – I’m not a gambler or a drinker, but I want to see everything in Las Vegas and play some slot machines!
  8. Visit the Walk of Fame – I would love to take pictures with some of the stars here.
  9. Travel the world – I’ll be more specific later, but nothing excites me more than the thought of going on a trip to somewhere other than to the beach.
  10. Visit a castleDone!
  11. Ride a Vespa – Have you seen these things? Not only are they cute but the Doctor and Rose rode one in Doctor Who! There’s plenty of Hollywood movies with them as well, but they look so fun!
  12. Go paragliding – Have I mentioned I’m afraid of heights, but I love roller coasters? Makes no sense, I know. I just want to be up high in the air over the water. It sounds so peaceful and exciting and full of adrenaline all at once.
  13. Go on a safari – (Are we counting the one at Disney?) Done!
  14. See the Great Pyramids – Whether aliens or people built them, I want to see them with my own eyes. I’m also a bit fascinated with Cleopatra.
  15. Hold a baby panda – The panda is one of my favorite animals. I’d be content feeding it or petting it, but I’d really love to hold it.
  16. Go scuba diving – I think this will be one I can scratch off the list in Hawaii! I love to swim, and scuba diving will just get me extra close to the fish!
  17. See a different countryDone!
  18. Visit Australia – It’s beautiful here, but I sure wouldn’t stay long. I hate snakes and bugs. Maybe I’ll learn to surf (poorly) while I’m there.
  19. Step on all 7 continents – This goes along with traveling the world, but I want to do more than switch flights in the airports.
  20. Make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome – As a kid, I threw many pennies in the fountains to make a wish. If you’re going to do it, go big! And famous! Plus, I hear your wishes actually come true….
  21. Travel to Italy – There’s a few of my bucket list things that take place here. May as well go and enjoy the food and culture while I’m at it!
  22. Ride a gondola in Venice – This is just so romantic and an experience I know I won’t forget.
  23. See the Roman Colosseum – It’s a beautiful piece of history and workmanship.
  24. See the Northern lights – When I was a kid, my favorite movie was Balto. There was a few scenes that featured the Northern lights. Ever since then, it was something I knew I had to see.
  25. Visit Bora Bora and stay in an ocean hut – Have you seen those huts?! I’ll give you a second to Google it…. SEE?! Amazing!
  26. See the fairy pools in Scotland – Just a step closer to magic in my opinion. Not to mention how pretty they are.
  27. Spend a night in a tree house – I always wanted to when I was a kid, but I never had one. It’ll just be a way to be a kid again, even just for a night.
  28. Bake in the middle of the night with someone I love – I love to bake, especially muffins, cupcakes, and cookies. It’s silly, but I like silly, spontaneous things.
  29. Go on a road trip with friends – Done!
  30. Β Take a picture with the Hollywood sign – Who doesn’t want to do this?
  31. Go on a cruise – It’s another experience I’d love to try. I’ve been on small boats but something this huge is exciting and all new territory!
  32. Go to a drive-in movie – There’s actually one here in STL! I’d love to see a Disney movie, but anything would do.
  33. Have a romantic date under the stars – Sometimes the simple things are the best. It’d be a great night to just relax and talk.
  34. Fly first class – You know, so I can see what big shots feel like.
  35. Attend a masquerade ball – I mean a real one complete with fancy masks and ball gowns and tuxes. It’s so mysterious and just cool. Ever since I read the Blue Blood series, I’ve wanted to go to one.
  36. Release a paper lantern – Ever watch Tangled? They release the paper lanterns and it’s one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen.
  37. Be a mother – This one is a ways down the road, but it’s something I’ve always wanted.Whether I have one or adopt, I’d like to one day be a mother.
  38. Write a letter to myself to open 10 years from now – I should really do this one soon.
  39. Take my mom on the vacation of her dreams – While I did manage to give my mom and dad a second honeymoon in Missouri, I’d love to take her on a more relaxing vacation.
  40. Say “I do.”Done!
  41. Design my own home – I love to watch HGTV. Most of it is TV magic, though! I know it’ll be hard and cost a fair amount of money, but I want to put all of my love and own touches into a home for me and my family to enjoy.
  42. Rescue an animal – Our sweet Padme is very much used to being on her own, but Alec and I are hoping to adopt a dog or a cat once we moved into a house.
  43. Write a book – I am actually working on one now that I’ve had in my brain (and in notebooks) since I was in high school.
  44. Graduate college – Done!
  45. Go swimming at night – Done!
  46. Feel confident in a bikini – This one is a bit personal. For me, this is not about looking good. I just want to put on a bikini and feel good about myself. I want to own myself instead of feeling like I need to cover up for fear of not fitting into the mold of swim-suit-ready.
  47. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel – It’s cute, simple, sweet, and romantic.
  48. Kiss my husband on the big screen at a game – You know about the kiss cam don’t you? It’d embarrass us, but that’s part of the fun!
  49. Visit Canada – I’d love to do this as a road trip. It’s a long ways from STL. That means a lot of stops, hotels, and restaurants along the way, but it’s all about the journey there.
  50. Pet a tiger – What can I say? I like to live on the wild side.
  51. Grow a bonsai tree – They are so serene and beautiful. I also hear it’s relaxing.
  52. Go on a Disney cruise – I love Disney and if I like going on a cruise, I think this will be the next step for me!
  53. Walk on the Great Wall of China – It’s considered one of the seven wonders of the world. I’d love to see this piece of history.
  54. Get front row tickets at a concert – I’ve never been to a proper concert. I hope my first is Emilie Autumn.
  55. Go to London – If the Doctor spends so much time there, it must be something special. I’m kidding! I would love to see all of the touristy things London has to offer.
  56. Throw someone a surprise party – I’m still waiting to find a good opportunity to do this.
  57. Get a tattoo – I had planned to get one at 18, but it never happened.
  58. Watch the sunrise on the beach – I’d love watch the sun come up on the beach while I sit there, sipping hot chocolate, wrapped up in a blanket.
  59. Try real Japanese ramen – I’m a big fan of InuYasha who has a huge love for Japanese cuisine. I’ve had Japanese in American restaurants, but I want to have a taste of what the locals eat!
  60. Pay for a stranger’s groceries – I’ve fallen on hard times before and know how stressful it can be. I’d love to have the opportunity to help someone in need. And maybe they’ll do it for someone else one day.
  61. Go kayaking – I’ve never done much on the water aside from swimming and the once in a blue moon boat ride. Going kayaking with friends sounds like the perfect summer day.
  62. Take pictures in a photobooth – Done!
  63. Save up $15,000 – It may not sounds like much but as someone who has a huge student loan payment every month, I feel like it’s a good starting goal.
  64. Get an autograph from a celebrity – Preferably from one I admire or enjoy watching like Billie Piper, (dare I say) David Tennant, or Emilie Autumn.
  65. Visit the Santa Monica pier – This place is in so many movies, games and music videos! It’d be like taking a walk on a set for me.
  66. Visit Yosemite Falls – It’s the highest fall in North America, so why not?
  67. Go to Buckingham Palace – Not only is it one of the Queen’s residences, but in an episode of Doctor Who, the Titanic almost crashed into it! I just have to see it.
  68. See the Statue of Liberty – As an American, I feel like this is just something I have to do.
  69. Go to a midnight premiere – I’ve always wanted to do this!
  70. Go to Disney WorldDone!
  71. Play laser tag – Done!
  72. Feed a giraffe – Done!
  73. Stay at a bed & breakfast – They’re so much homier than hotels. It’d be a treat to do something like this on an island or on a vacation trip.
  74. Watch a flash mob – Maybe some people would like to be in one, but I’d much rather watch it in person. I know it’d put me in a good mood!
  75. Visit Mount Rushmore – This is just one of those things you have to see in the U.S.
  76. Stay in Cinderella’s Castle – Apparently it’s high dollar to stay inside the castle, but they treat you like a princess! So for a night of being a V.I.P. I think it could be totally worth the money for the experience!
  77. Try Butterbeer – Done!
  78. Go on a flight – Done!
  79. Kiss my husband on New Year’s Eve at midnight – Done!
  80. Ride in a taxi – Done!
  81. Visit Pixar Studios – I love their movies, and now that I am a 3D artist, I really want to go see the Pixar Studios!
  82. Visit Ireland – Done!
  83. Meet David Tennant – I have a huge crush on this man. He was an amazing Doctor and is one of my favorite actors.
  84. Deadlift my body weight – Working on this! Currently deadlifting 155 lbs which is about 10 pounds more than my goal weight.
  85. Have a personal photoshoot – I really need this for the blog anyway, but I think it’d boost my confidence for sure!
  86. Have a boudoir photoshoot – Our wedding photographer’s wife also does photography, and her boudoir photography work is so beautiful that I couldn’t help but put this on my bucket list.
  87. Make a video game – I would love to build and finish a video game, even if it meant it wasn’t amazing and was free on Steam.
  88. Create a YouTube channelDone!
  89. Spend a week in Spain – Alec and his family have spent many family vacations in Spain so I’d love to experience that, too!
  90. Go on a ghost hunt – Done!
  91. Have my palm read or a tarot reading – I’ve always been fascinated by tarot and witchy things.
  92. Pick my own apples or pumpkins from a farm – Done!
  93. Learn calligraphy – This has been a goal ever since I started drawing. Beautiful lettering looks so satisfying.
  94. Learn how to speak another language – I’ve tried to learn Spanish and Japanese on Duo Lingo, but haven’t learned to speak it. I’m adding Korean to this list as I actually have friends that I can converse with now!
  95. Pay off my student loans – Another financial goal that I hope to see sooner rather than later.
  96. Take a memorable family vacation – Whether that’s Alec and I with our families or Alec and I with our children one day, I’d love to have those memories.
  97. Go on a pub crawl – I’m not a big drinker, but I think it’d be so much fun to get dressed and have a few drinks out with friends!
  98. Host a holiday get together – Done!
  99. Sing a duet at Karaoke – because I don’t do it by myself!
  100. Take dance classes with my husband – I had hoped we’d get to do this one in time for our wedding but it’s not too late.

What is on your bucket list? Let me know in the comments!


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24 thoughts on “Spoilers! What’s On My Bucket List?

  1. I have always wanted to visit Bora Bora and stay in one of those beach huts!!! They look amazing and I don’t think I’d ever want to leave. Good luck with your bucket list- looks like you have a lot of great things to look forward to πŸ˜‰

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