Monday Musings: Plaything


You use your silence to punish me. You hope your absence will upset me. You pray that I will cry over you. You repeatedly bring me close so you can push me away again. You play games with my head. I’m not even a person to you anymore… just another plaything.

You whisper stories into the ears of the people who love me. If they believe your lies, you feel like you won. You know I will think that if they are against me that I must be a bad person, that I must have done something to deserve it… but to you I’m just another plaything.

I got news for you. I’m not the girl I once was. I’m standing up and telling my truth, the truth that you try to cover up to make yourself feel better. You are done playing with my mind and my heart. I’m going to prove to you that I’m not just another plaything.

I will tear down the lies you’ve built. I will climb out on top. I will fight for myself. I have found my strength; I don’t need you anymore. I will show you that you picked the wrong girl. You really messed up this time, because I’m not your fucking plaything.


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