Spoilers! Two Years of Geeky Marriage Bliss + a Letter to My Spouse

Last October, Alec and I finally celebrated our marriage with our family and friends in the form of a wedding in my little home town in Alabama. Our first year of being married was a whirl wind of immigration paperwork and appointments, wedding & honeymoon planning, saving money, family members passing, and just trying to navigate the joyous emotions of finally being together after being long distance for about four years.

I had so many personal struggles during our first two years of marriage, too, like starting therapy, being diagnosed with PTSD and anxiety, and going through burn out. Alec has been the most supportive spouse I could ever ask for. He’s helps me practice self care, cheered me on with my health and fitness journey, and has been there for me while I’ve attended therapy, even going as far as coming in with me for a session.

Needless to say, our first two years of marriage have been jam packed with joys and trials that have only brought us closer together. For our two year anniversary this year, I want to dedicate this blog post to Alec, my husband. This one is for you, love.

Dear Alec,

We did it.

We said that over two years ago when we hugged at the airport after finally getting our K1 visa. We said it for a second time while having our pictures taken in Forest Park after getting married with just two friends and an officiant. We said it again last year at our wedding surrounded by family and friends. And now I’m saying it again on our second wedding anniversary. I’ll say it again 50 years from now when we’re in our forever home surrounded by family and friends to celebrate our 50th anniversary.

We conquered the distance. We conquered the trials of immigration. We conquered planning a wedding from another state. We have conquered so much in two years that it’s hard for me to believe that so much has happened in so little time with you. I’m so glad you are the person who has been by my side for all of it.

What has been more fulfilling than overcoming obstacles in our marriage, though, has been all the big and small moments of happiness. The little things I hope we never take for granted are kissing each other after coming home, eating dinner together, snuggling on the couch while we game or read or play on our phones, taking a walk around the neighborhood, holding hands, and laying down beside each other at night. The distance may have made my heart grow fonder, but it definitely made me appreciate every in-real-life moment with you.

The bigger moments may not be big to some people, but they are to us, like staying at Disney for a week for our honeymoon. It wasn’t a perfect vacation, but it was happy and full of sweet memories of enjoying the happiest place on earth together. Our first Christmas spent in our warm house with a content dog at our side was just as memorable. Even when you made us a blanket fort to watch a movie and drink tea is a memory I’ll cherish forever.

I know the next 50 years has more moments like these in store for us. They will all mean the world to me because those memories will be made with you. Thank you for the best two years of my life so far. I can’t wait for more. I love you to the moon and back.

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