5 Freaky Faves: Webtoons

Just like last year for the month of October, I am pulling away from my regular 5 Fandom Friday and Saturday Suggestion posts. Every Friday for the month of October I will be presenting my 5 Freaky Faves in honor of Halloween! This week’s 5 Freaky Faves are 5 Webtoons you should give a read if you love the paranormal, zombies, and creepy with a healthy dose of comedy and romance!

Boyfriend of the Dead

boyfriend of the dead

She’s a smart, independent young woman who’s kicking ass and struggling to make her way through the middle of the zombie apocalypse. Just her luck: one day she goes out searching for food and shelter and ends up finding a boyfriend instead. And, oh yeah, because modern love isn’t hard enough…he’s UNDEAD! — WEBTOON

  • Comedy
  • No Fast Pass
  • Updates Every Tuesday & Friday
  • Perfect for horror fiends who love zombies, romance, and food.

Cursed Princess Club


Meet Gwendolyn – living proof that princesses don’t always have it all. See, although she lives in a castle and her father is the King, Gwendolyn isn’t like a movie princess, or even a fairly-tale princess. She’s got a big heart, but isn’t particularly attractive and doesn’t have a Disney-quality singing voice. But one night, she accidentally stumbles upon the twisted world of the Cursed Princess Club, and her life will never be the same. Hexed and cast out, the ladies of the club are just the people Gwendolyn needs to show her that just because she doesn’t “fit the mold” does not mean she’s any less of a princess. — WEBTOON

  • Comedy
  • Fast Pass Enabled
  • Updates Every Monday
  • Perfect for horror fiends who love fairy tales, princesses with curses, and mystery.

Ghost Wife


He’s a dark, uber-powerful god-level demon…who’s also really helpful around the house. Welcome to the unique world of Ghost Wife, where an average high school girl can go to sleep with normal teenage problems, only to wake up and find herself married to an over-protective demon with a creepy smile and an appetite for live cats. — WEBTOON

  • Romance
  • Fast Pass Enabled
  • Updates Every Monday & Saturday
  • Perfect for horror fiends who love the supernatural, lore, and romance.



Erma is like any other normal child. She goes to school, plays with friends, and even spends time with the family. It just so happens that she is the daughter of a ghostly spirit and tends to use her haunting abilities for everyday antics, whether for better or for worse. — WEBTOON

  • Comedy & Horror
  • No Fast Pass
  • Updates on hold
  • Perfect for horror fiends who love Japanese horror, the paranormal, and monsters.

Love Advice from the Great Duke of Hell


The girl of your dreams barely knows you exist. Your friends can’t help. Your family is clueless. So where do you turn for love advice? Who can provide you with that essential assistance for the lovelorn? If you’re average everyday teenager Paul, you summon a powerful demon from deep in the recesses of Hell and frankly, hope for the best.– WEBTOON

  • Comedy
  • No Fast Pass
  • Updates Every Friday
  • Perfect for horror fiends who love the supernatural, the occult, and superpowers.

What Webtoons or comics do you like to read during the month of October? Do you have a favorite Halloween Webtoon or comic? Tell me in the comments!


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11 thoughts on “5 Freaky Faves: Webtoons

  1. Yay, I’m caught on all the Webtoons I usually read. And have been looking for new series to get into. Thanks for all the suggestions. Erma sounds especially interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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