Top Ten Geeky Podcasts

Welcome back to my Top Ten lists! These lists are my top ten favorite bloggers and sites! So far, I’ve posted my Top Ten Geeky Food Blogs, Top Ten Fashion Geeks, and Top Ten Fitness Geeks. It’s been awhile since I made one of these lists and thanks to some inspiration given by the lovely Michelle at A Geek Girl’s Guide, I’m back with my top ten favorite geeky podcasts!

Mage Cast

The team behind The Well-Red Mage analyzes and discusses video games from then and now on the podcast aptly named Mage Cast. Give episode one a listen above to hear the team discuss the game Journey and dive into minimalism, the risk of superficiality, spirituality and video games, and more.

The MoeGamer Podcast

Pete ( and Chris ( bring us news in gaming, talk about what they’re currently playing and then dive into a gaming related topic! In episode 27,  Chris makes the case for ditching the term “JRPG” in favor of more specific, descriptive terminology.

The Game N’ Watch Podcast

by The Game N’ Watch Podcast

The Game N’ Watch is hosted by Fines Dabbs ( and Justin Reed ( and features other guests. Every episode starts with Game N’ News then our hosts dive into the main topics at hand. Episode 50 features talk of the Game On Expo and the state of the podcast as they gear up for year two!

Shart Select Podcast

Not just another weekly gaming podcast… Shart Select is hosted by Winst0lf, Ryan, and Stu. Give a listen to the latest episode for some weird humor and the last installment of Console Tiers: handhelds!

The Sartorial Geek Podcast

by the Sartorial Geek Podcast

An all-time personal favorite of mine is Jordandene‘s Sartorial Geek Podcast. This podcast is great for anyone looking to learn more about geek fashion (or fashion in general), convention tips, fandom dives, and interviews with geeky creators!

The Dorky Diva Show

by The Dorky Diva Show

The Dorky Diva Show is a Star Wars discussion podcast hosted by Savanna Oudit (@thedorkydiva) and Brian Ballance (@JediBrian). In the latest episode, they discuss the Star Wars news released at D23 Expo 2019!

Nerd for a Living

by Nerd For A Living

As an ambitious geek, I absolutely love Nerd for a Living which is produced by Produced by Wendy Buske (@WendyBuske) and Adron Buske (@AdronBuske). They interview geeks and nerds that in the industry and are thriving. The latest episode is an interview with Kevin Eastman, the co-creator of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Fake Geek Girls – A Critical Look at Pop Culture


Another personal favorite podcast of mine is Fake Geek Girls which is hosted my Merri and Missy. They look at nerdy pop culture from both a fan and critical perspective, encouraging the things they (and we) love to do better. The latest episode is all about their experience at PAX West!

Geek Remix Podcast


Geek Remix is a weekly gaming podcast hosted by Stacy and Mari who also host a YouTube channel by the same name! It just got a fresh reboot thanks to their Patreon. They cover a variety of gaming topics every week.

Fandom and Wellness


Fandom And Wellness is a podcast about the complex relationships between fandom and mental health. We join Arkeida, Danielle, and Jenny as they discusstheir favorite fandoms, consider the perks and the struggles of being proud fangirls, and help each other through their journeys toward wellness. Check out their latest episode on childhood cartoons and their effects on mental and social development and more!

What are your favorite geeky podcasts? Tell me in the comments!


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13 thoughts on “Top Ten Geeky Podcasts

  1. Just discovered your blog and I love all your fun content! I adore podcasts and I’d never heard of these before! Fake Geek Girls sounds super interesting! Also, looking forward to checking out more of your Top 10 lists! ❤

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