Back to Hogwarts Tag (+ tags)

Heather at Just Geeking By recently tagged me in this amazing Harry Potter tag that was originally created by Michelle at A Geek Girl’s Guide. Thanks so much Heather! You can check out her answers and tags here! Let’s get to the questions, shall we?



Have to go shopping in Diagon Alley! What store do you go to first? Ollivanders would absolutely be my first stop! On our honeymoon, Alec and I went straight to Ollivanders (after getting breakfast, of course) to get our interactive wands! We picked out our own, but it would be amazing to see them picked out for us like in the movies.

You’re on the train! What are you getting from the trolley? Most definitely a Chocolate Frog! We brought a couple back from Harry Potter World, and they were really good! also, can I just say the train ride at Harry Potter World was so cool? Loved it!

It’s time for the welcome feast! Which house table are you at? I’m a Ravenclaw, so I’m definitely going to be sitting with my housemates! Hopefully there’s a few INFJ‘s who are down to eat together.

You get an elective this year! What will it be? It’s gotta be Care of Magical Creatures. Hagrid would easily be one of my favorite teachers, and I adore animals. Would I be any good at it? Maybe the textbook part. I can see myself struggling with the hands on aspect though, especially if there’s any creepy crawlies that need care.

You’ve got a break between classes! What will you be doing? Cracking open a well worn copy of my favorite book… or if electronics are allowed, checking on my Animal Crossing town! Electronics like consoles, computers, and cellphones would definitely make the world of Harry Potter really interesting.

You get to go to Hogsmeade this year! Where do you go first? Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop with Alec. I love small, romantic locations, and being there with Alec would be the icing on the cake… I honestly can’t wait for us to go back to Ireland because everything there felt incredibly cozy and romantic.

You’re meeting up with friends to hang out! Where in the castle are you all going to chill? Most likely the girls’ dorms in Ravenclaw! The artwork of the dorm rooms is positively dreamy. What a cool place to hang out and talk! And, you know, study.

The end of year exams are coming up. What test will you do the best at? Charms and History of Magic would definitely be my strong suits! I retain information easily so those classes I would most likely breeze through. Anything hands-on, like flying, I’d be barely passable at!

My Nominations:

Jaycee @ Thinking Moon

Meagan @ Quibbles & Scribbles

Princess Deia

Amanda @ Imaginating Life

Are you ready to get back to Hogwarts? Tell me in the comments how ready you are to return to Hogwarts!

21 thoughts on “Back to Hogwarts Tag (+ tags)

  1. I’d definatly be an airheaded Hufflepuff good with potions ,charms transfiguration .. like mind altering thingies and illusions and such.
    I’d probably pick diviination and alchemy as ellectives. I’d be a danger on a broom and oftenly crash..probably so often that I barely pass, but they end up giving me like a pass if i can hover for three seconds cause I keep trying and hurting myself. I would not prefor to well at defence against the dark arts either because I would refuse to paralyse people or pixies or whatever. I am a pacifist and dont not to keen in learning defence.

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  2. Yey! Loved your answers, and as a fellow Ravenclaw I’m sure I could help you out with the creepier parts of Magical creatures 😉

    And did I spy mention of a trip to Ireland coming up? You know… Scotland’s just a boat ride away 😉 *wink wink nudge nudge*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Heather! I appreciate the tag. 😉

      And yes! We are planning a trip to Ireland next year, possibly August or September, for two weeks! I would love to see Scotland and meet you! ❤ Maybe we can figure something out closer to the trip!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That would be lovely, but please be assured I was partly teasing. I wouldn’t want to impose on a trip planned to meet someone else as that’s not fair on them. But at the same time I couldn’t not extend the invitation if you know what I mean! ❤

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