On YouTube: When Self Care Fails // Chill with Me Vlog

On YouTube I’m chilling with all of you today to talk about my mental health. I invite you to sit and chat with me in the comments as I show off the footage from what was supposed to be a self care vlog, discuss my mental health, and chat about how self care looks different for everyone. Grab your drink of choice and your favorite blanket as I get real on camera about how I failed with my own self care and the steps I took to make things right for me.

Did you enjoy “chilling with me?” Would you like more videos like this? Let me know in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “On YouTube: When Self Care Fails // Chill with Me Vlog

  1. Padme is adorable!

    66-81 degrees is idyllic, perfect, weather for one of my hikes. I am so over 90-100 degree days. Long hikes, far far away from anyone else, are my self care.

    Your place at its messiest is probably immaculate compared to mine at its cleanest.

    I’m sorry, that black bath bomb reminded me of a scene from an anime I just reviewed. I would not have gotten into it. Almost any color would do except for brown, green or black. 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Fred! Long hikes for self care are really the best. I definitely set a high bar of cleanliness for my house lol. Higher than normal for sure. Lol! It did smell amazing, but yes the color did look pretty scary. I was more scared afterward when it didn’t wash away! Lol!

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