On YouTube: 5 Affordable Date Ideas for Geeks

On YouTube I’m sharing 5 date ideas that are cheap, close to home (for my fellow introverts), and geeky! I took a few traditional date ideas and put a twist on them to suit geeks like my husband and me. If you like this kind of content, be sure to let me know by liking the video or leaving a comment!

Which of these date ideas are your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


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6 thoughts on “On YouTube: 5 Affordable Date Ideas for Geeks

  1. I ‘ll leave my youtube comment here as well because I dont know which medium you favor…
    Feel free to detract originality points from either.

    These are pretty great ideas.

    Here I have a few problems though

    1. don’t have a netflix account
    2.We do not have drive in theaters in the netherlands and my apartment is to small to set up a pillow ford in.
    3.We don’t have ghost hunts here…well one over 2,5 hours drive away and in a bad neighbourhood as well.
    4.Cosplay is not allowed in most theme parks near me even some of my more special dresses got a few eyes because they are a tad princesses
    5. Five minute dungeons is only available here in german.. and my german is passable but game terminology isnt my forté. Betrayal I love.. but I am a bit enthusiastic when I play that.

    Oh right.. and I don’t have a girl to date either…. >.<

    I’ll just ball myself up in a blanket and roll around.

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    1. Hey Pinkie! I’ll respond here too in case anyone stumbles upon this with the same issues you’ve had with my list. I totally understand how these date ideas aren’t a “one size fits all” kind of thing. Here’s some ideas for you. 🙂

      1. If you don’t have any accounts like Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime, you can dig through some bargain movie bins to find something less than $5! Thrift stores would also be great for this! There’s also shows right here on YT that you can watch for free!
      2. Our place is small as well so when we built a pillow fort, it was essentially a blanket over the couch with two dining chairs! Use your imagination to see what you can come up with.
      3. As far as Ghost Hunts go, I realize that they mainly exist in towns that can draw in tourists but have a look at what other tours might be near you. I used to live in a rural town in the middle of nowhere so we’d just go for rides and explore on our own!
      4. Closet Cosplay is definitely not like regular Cosplay. Think taking inspiration from your favorite pokemon and finding clothing in those colors! It’s just meant to be fun and something you create by going through the clothes already in your closet. Try looking up ‘Disney Bounding’ to get a better idea of what I mean. Closet Cosplays are definitely not elaborate.
      5. There’s plenty of other board games and card games you can try! I mentioned 5 Minute Dungeons because it was the most recent two-player game my husband and I have played. 🙂

      Hope these help, Pinkie! 🙂

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      1. I was mostly joking… still don’t have a date anyway. But thanks for solving these.

        I do know what Closet cosplay is i’ve done a few.. but well my style would go towards Lolita fast. I could go Misty or May from pokémon in a more casual way

        I actually do these things fairly regularly with friends.. but it seemed funnier too make everything unavailable to me ..instead of just the date xD

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