Sunshine Blogger Award (+ tags)

Special thank you to Pinkie at Pinkie’s Pokemon! She nominated me last month during the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Pinkie is a fantastic writer for her blog that is mostly about Pokemon. You should head over and check her out! Thanks again for the nomination Pinkie! On to the questions…


The Rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Is your blogging personality true to yourself or have you made some changes in the way you present yourself? While the way I blog has evolved, I would say I’m still true to myself. My writing has evolved with me as I’ve matured and grown up over the last 6 years on A Geeky Gal.

If you HAD to choose between the following which option would you pick? -Grant everyone in the world one year of perfect happiness.  -Grant your best friend in the whole wide world a lifetime full of happiness? Motivate your answer. That’s a hard question to answer when we have a lot of terrible things happening in the world lately. I imagine granting everyone in the world one year of perfect happiness would go about as well as that scene in Bruce Almighty when he says “yes” to everyone’s prayers and things go awry. With that in mind, I would grant my best friend a lifetime of happiness.

Do you still have a childhood toy you kept? If not which one do you regret giving up? I actually have a few of my childhood toys put away for when Alec and I decide to have children. I’m happy I decided to keep a few of the most important toys.

What do you like LEAST about our lovely blogging community? The “debating” that always turns into arguing. It’s one thing to disagree with someone’s post, but it absolutely irks me when someone chooses to comment on a blog post just to start an argument with the writer or audience just to press their viewpoint.

You have to swap two main characters from (anime) series around.. for example Naruto and Goku… who would you choose and which of the series would you want to watch more. Oh, what a cool question! I would switch InuYasha from InuYasha with Tamaki Suoh from Ouran High School Host Club. I would love to watch both just to see how each cast reacts to the vast difference in personalities!

If I gave you 50 dollars , (US)  what would you buy from it? You HAVE to spend it. I would spend it on a thrift trip! I haven’t thrifted in forever, and it’s one of my favorite non-geeky hobbies.

You have to direct a tv commercial for yourself, how would it go? It’d probably go something like “Hi, I’m Megan. I like geeky stuff, obsess over fandoms, secretly would like to be a dreamy goth girl but have a hard time wearing anything other than jeans and a tee, and would like to be your introverted but talks to much once you get to know me, short, sometimes-funny, friend!”

You had some time and money to spare to make a commercial for ME, how would that go? “Meet Pinkie! She’s a treasure trove of information about the Pokemon fandom, and a positive, sweet blogger who loves the color pink!”

Ranger, Bard, Paladin, Fighter, Rogue, Wizard, Druid or Cleric! What would be your class, (not your favored D&D class) define yourself as one of these classes. I think Wizard might be the closest class that aligns with me in real life. I enjoy learning and putting that knowledge into practice. I like being “good” at anything I set my mind to (though it’s not always that easy).

If you are a trading game card, which trading card game would you be in and what would be your effect? Another great question! The only trading card game I ever got into was Yu-Gi-Oh! I wanted to build an all female deck, but unfortunately, it never happened. If I was a card though, I’d be called “The Giver.” My effect would be that each player can choose one monster card from their deck; that card is then banished. At the end of the turn that banished card is added to your opponents hand.

If you could run any other blog site for a week? Which blog would you choose and why? I think Buzzfeed would be a a lot of fun to run for a week! Geeky stuff everywhere… so many anime quizzes…

My Questions:

  • When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
  • If you had to describe yourself using only 5 words, what would they be?
  • What TV show, book, or game has most impacted you personally?
  • If you could be any villain in a TV show, book, or game, who would you be and why?
  • What is your favorite podcast right now?
  • What fictional character would you love to have as your RPG game master?
  • What is your weird blogging tip?
  • What Hogwarts house would your favorite fictional character be sorted into?
  • What is your actual superpower?
  • What weapon would you carry during the Zombie Apocalypse?
  • What was the last thing you googled?

My Nominations:

Cactus Matt @ Anime QandA

KamieVinka @ Kamie’s Wave

Kayla @ Books and Blends

Brink @ Brink of Gaming

7Mononoke @ Anime Rants

Daniel @ That Jersey Gamer

TWWK @ Beneath the Tangles

A Little Haze Book Blog

Geek Girl in Love

Best Nerd Life

I Watched An Anime


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11 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award (+ tags)

  1. Oh yay you answered these, finally someone who did it answered she would grant a single person happiness. I would abuse it giving it to a person who wishes me nothing but happiness ..and an emotional one so that if they saw me unhappy they would be, ensuring me and them happiness though theirs would be perfect until the korean nuke kills us both.
    Love your Yu-gi-oh card as well, it seems sweet but you can go a bit psycho with it as well,
    Thanks for answering these.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hey!! I want to thank you so much for the nomination!! I’ve already done a sunshin blogger post on my blog before, and I’m not sure if I should do another one, or if that is not exactly cool. So I’ll just answer your questions here if that’s ok.

    1. A zoologist.

    2. I. Have. No. Fucking. Idea.

    3. Wow. That one’s hard. I’m not sure for books because there are several options I can’t choose between. For games, probably Kingdom Hearts II. For TV shows/anime, probably Shin Sekai Yori or Parasyte The Maxim.

    4. I really am not sure about that one.

    5. I haven’t listened to any in several years, to be perfectly honest.

    6. Someone with a lot of imagination, who’s a bit of a troll, and extraverted. Let’s see. How about Dazai from Bungou Stray Dogs?

    7. It’s ok to go on rants and tangents.

    8. I don’t have one single favorite fictional character, I have about 50. To pick one randomly, let’s go with Satsuki Kiryuuin from Kill la Kill. I think she would be sorted into the Slytherin mostly likely, with Ravenclaw as second most likely.

    9. I can write. It’s about all I can do decently in life.

    10. A gun?

    11. To be precise, I googled, “tiger beetle african folklore.” I found some interesting information, but only from one source. I often randomly google animals, birds, flowers, and insects.

    That was fun! Thanks! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You can do whatever you like! I’ve done over ten of the Sunshine Blogger award on my blog; I just enjoy answering the questions and nominating other blogs so they get some attention from my followers. I know some blogs don’t do these awards at all while others pick one question to answer. At the end of the day, it’s whatever you want to do! Thanks for taking the time to answer mine! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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