30 Day Geek Out Challenge: Complete List

Welcome to the 30 Day Geek Out Challenge! If you’ve participated in one of my challenges before, like the 30 Day Video Game Challenge and the 30 Day Anime Challenge, this challenge was a little different. Not only are challengers not taking on questions centered around their favorite (and not so favorite) games and anime, but I did not release the entire questionnaire blog prompt before Day 1.

This prompt is all about you and what makes you geeky. We’ll be taking a look at your favorite fandoms, characters, hobbies, the geek community, and more. You can make you answers as long or as short as you like, but I find that telling the story behind every answer makes for a cathartic blog post. I invite all of you to take on this challenge, geeky blogger or not! I think one of the best parts of this challenge is how anyone can answer these questions.

The Rules:

  1. There’s really only one “rule” for this challenge! Please link back to each question’s post here on my blog or this post in each of your daily posts. That’s all I ask.
  2. Feel free to use my graphic if you’d like, but it’s not necessary.
  3. Don’t worry if you miss a day or have to catch up; there’s no time limit!
  4. This challenge can be completed at any time.

30 Day Geek Out Challenge


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