Geek Out Challenge: Day 16

If you’re interested in participating in the Geek Out Challenge, read this post here! Each day I will be posting a question for that day for the next 30 days. When I reach day 31, I will release all 30 questions in a single post with links to all of my answers. Follow along each day with your own post or feel free to wait until the entire challenge has been released and take it on when you like! Be sure to link back to the master post at the end or link back to each post for each day.

Day 16 – What crossover would you like to see?

copyright Karen Hallion

Imagine an episode of Doctor Who featuring Hermione and her time turner! I can already picture her and the Doctor arguing and simultaneously getting along fabulously. They would both roll their eyes at Ron and answer questions at the same time. Yes, I think a crossover between Harry Potter and Doctor Who would be amazing! Big thank you to Karen Hallion for inspiring this crossover (and others) for me. Her unique artwork is for sale on Etsy and Redbubble! Support a fellow artist!

I’ve talked so much about my love for the Harry Potter series but haven’t shown the same love for my other favorite fandom as much. Doctor Who has a special place in my heart as I’m sure it does for many other people. I started watching the show on Netflix purely out of heartbreak. It became such an important part of my life that it’s hard to look back and think that I didn’t even want to watch it to start with!

If you’ve read any of my older blog posts, you’ll know I was in an abusive relationship for 5 years. It literally destroyed me from the inside out. The first few weeks back in my parents’ house was the hardest for me. I felt ashamed, exhausted, and just… stuck. My friend, who is now my amazing boyfriend [now husband], had been begging me for months to watch Doctor Who. I said no, everyone else is watching it, everyone else is already a fan, [and] I’m not a Sci-Fi fan (which now that I think about it is a huge lie; I love Star Trek, Star Wars, and now Doctor Who!). — A Geeky Gal

I had just left an abusive relationship when I was about 20 years old, and I was desperately looking for an escape from my pain and situation. Doctor Who became my escape. My ache in my heart eased away bit by bit as I got to know the Doctor and his companions. I came home from work and watched an episode as a reward for getting through the day. I laughed with them. I cried with them. And I thanked Alec for pushing me to watch it.

One day I finally gave in. I turned on Netflix and got lost in Christopher Eccleston’s doctor. It lifted my spirits and gave me something to look forward to. Until he regenerated. Oh, I cried and cursed the show. I didn’t watch it again for three weeks. I loved Eccleston. I didn’t want David Tennant to take his place!

My boyfriend told me though, that I’d fall in love with Tennant. And I did. Doctor Who slowly repaired my fandom-loving heart. Falling in love with Tennant got me out of my funk and post-break-up unhappiness. I have a lot to thank Doctor Who, Eccleston, and Tennant for. They’ll never know it, as usually a fandom never knows how much they’ve helped someone out of a depression. A big thank you to my boyfriend, too, since I never would have watched it without his persistent prodding! — A Geeky Gal

Much like Harry Potter, Doctor Who was there for me in a time where I felt lost. Harry Potter showed me I could conquer anything and love to read. Doctor Who showed me how fandoms can heal a broken heart. Imagining both fandoms joining in a special movie or episode fills my heart with so much joy and nostalgia. I have no idea how we could make this happen since Tennant was a part of the movies, but wouldn’t it be something to see it all come together? After all, anything is possible…

What crossover would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below OR take on the challenge yourself and link back to this post so I can see your answer!


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16 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge: Day 16

  1. I’ve got three for you

    My ultimate Crossover game:
    Breath of the Wild and Pokémon , in a medieval fantasy setting you cook food, climb mountains and travel the lands BoW style . Crafting pokéballs from apricotss to fight in a story set in the Kalos Wars, during the time AZ firstly tried to activate the weapon but he is aided by a being from another worldd calling himself Ganon

    For my anime crossover
    Yu-gi-Oh x Pokémon, I love card game animes and it would be great to see the yu-gi-oh cast play the Pokémon TCG.

    My western crosover would be: Stranger things and that 80’s Dungeon and Dragon Show.
    A strange shopkeeper appears in town selling Will and friends a new dungeons and dragon module, where they take control over Hank the Ranger, Presto the Wizard and Bobby the Barberian with his pet unicorn on their quest to stop the evil Venger and Tiamat, but soon they discover they might be playing with real peoples lives!

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