Geek Out Challenge: Day 12

If you’re interested in participating in the Geek Out Challenge, read this post here! Each day I will be posting a question for that day for the next 30 days. When I reach day 31, I will release all 30 questions in a single post with links to all of my answers. Follow along each day with your own post or feel free to wait until the entire challenge has been released and take it on when you like! Be sure to link back to the master post at the end or link back to each post for each day.

Day 12 – Favorite video game (or video game series)?


If you didn’t see this answer coming, I’m disappointed in myself for not talking more about Animal Crossing. I did a bite sized Saturday Suggestion review on Animal Crossing: New Leaf back in 2014 where I revealed that I bought a Nintendo 3DS solely for playing this game. You can bet your cookies that I’ll be buying a Nintendo Switch next year for the same reason, because let’s face it, the new Animal Crossing looks amazing! I also play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on my phone regularly.

You might be thinking why the heck do you like Animal Crossing so much that you’d buy an expensive console for the sole purpose of playing this game?

There’s always something to do. You can dig for fossils and treasure, shoot balloons with your sling-shot to get cool items, go fishing for items and exotic fish, go shopping, make over yourself or your home, find insects to go in the museum, etc. There is so many new things in New Leaf as well, like the island you can visit and do all kinds of mini games, work at the coffee shop, and visit with a friend! — A Geeky Gal

With the release of Animal Crossing’s Pocket Camp, I found my love again for Animal Crossing. I haven’t picked up New Leaf in quite sometime, but Pocket Camp is a different kind of Animal Crossing. AC has a way of soothing and relaxing me after a long day at work. As a “quest-er” of gaming, I quite enjoy the meaningless tasks of helping the animals, gathering fruit, planting flowers, fishing for rare fish, catching exotic bugs, and decorating my camp ground. — A Geeky Gal

These small tasks can be incredibly rewarding and also comforting. I often use Animal Crossing for self care. It’s one of my favorite games to play to de-stress and unwind. Completing tasks give me a little boost after a long day and the act of doing those tasks helps my calm my mind after a long day of stress and anxiety-inducing work. It’s an easy game to just “live” in.

Animal Crossing doesn’t take a lot of energy or brain power to enjoy. It’s the perfect environment for any gamer or non-gamer to play in. I always find myself coming back to it in times of hardship, stress, or depression. It gives me what I need in those moments. And with that, I will leave you with this last quote from a wonderfully written guest post on Animal Crossing:

But why? What makes Animal Crossing so special? The answer lies in its longitude. This game is not a series of objectives and combat. There is not a single bit of physical combat in the game. No, Animal Crossing is a pristine example of life. It’s what life would be like if life was free of frustration and strife.

Unlike other games, where rewards are simulations of extrinsic values, in Animal Crossing the rewards of intrinsic. Much like a Zen Garden, the simple act of playing garners feelings of peace and nostalgia. This allows the player to experience not loneliness, but solitude and fulfillment. That’s why I named my town Solitude. — Normal Happenings

What is your favorite video game or video game series? Let me know in the comments below OR take on the challenge yourself and link back to this post so I can see your answer!


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32 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge: Day 12

  1. Animal Crossing is the best thing ever. For my favorite series, I’d probably have to say Pokemon… though Animal Crossing is right up there in second or maybe even tied in first. It’s a game I go back to quite often – especially New Leaf. I can’t wait for the New Horizons. I’m eager to start another town from scratch again.

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      1. True. We have the Switch but we’ll also be getting the Lite so we can play certain games at the same time together. Like Pokemon, for example. Plus, it’s hard to share at times. Kris has been playing Fire Emblem non-stop so I haven’t had the Switch in three weeks, lol.


    1. If you enjoy Stardew Valley, You’ll definitely enjoy Animal Crossing. Pocket Camp is in the app store and is free! While a lot of the mechanics are a bit different across mobile and GameCube/3DS, it’s still a nice, relaxing game.

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  2. I can’t wait until New Horizons, March seems so far away!
    I totally agree with what you said about self care and playing Animal Crossing, it’s the perfect game to wind down to (unless you are playing New Leaf and Mr. Resetti pops up to shame you about not saving haha!).

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  3. Well.. I doubt it’s a secret which game series would be my favorite. I bet you can guess it correctly in one try!
    Love animal crossing through the villagers just keep wondering why I keep throwing balls at them or try to make Tom Nook dig for me!

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  4. I love Animal Crossing! It’s everything I wish my life could be, ACTUALLY being able to pay off all debt and then being able to enjoy your time fishing, shopping, and collecting shells on the beach 🙂

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  6. Well I couldn’t not answer this since the answer is so easy hehe. Final Fantasy is my favorite series and Final Fantasy VII Is my favorite game and story of all time (I’m listening to music from London Symphony Orchestra for it right now ♥). It’s too much to go into why I love that game and how it saved my life, but that’s why I have a blog. Legend of Zelda is a very close second. I just finished watching a Let’s Play of Breath of the Wild, which is now one of my top 10 favorite games. I’m working on a fanfiction of that right now, too, along with editing one for FFVII 🙂

    I’ve never played Animal Crossing, but with all the love I see it getting, I think I’ll have to remedy that.

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  7. I’ve been such a fan of Animal Crossing for years! I bought it when it first came out on the GameCube here in the states in 2002 and I’ve been in love ever since, lol! Like you, I play to relax and unwind… it’s such a cute, peaceful series!

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