Geek Out Challenge: Day 9

If you’re interested in participating in the Geek Out Challenge, read this post here! Each day I will be posting a question for that day for the next 30 days. When I reach day 31, I will release all 30 questions in a single post with links to all of my answers. Follow along each day with your own post or feel free to wait until the entire challenge has been released and take it on when you like! Be sure to link back to the master post at the end or link back to each post for each day.

Day 9 – Favorite anime (or anime series)?


I always have the hardest time picking anything to be my “favorite.” For some, anything listed as a “favorite” must mean that it’s perfect. Well, so far, there is no perfect anime. I have several that I really like, and a few that I love, but there aren’t any that I would deem perfect. Sword Art Online is probably one of, if not my most, favorite anime, but make no mistake; it’s not a perfect anime by a long shot.

Sword Art Online takes place in the near future. It’s a Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (VRMMORPG) in which players use Nerve Gear, a virtual reality helmet that allows players to use their five senses to experience the game and control their in-game characters with their brains.

The players log in for the first time inside of SAO, and later discover that they cannot log out. They are then informed by SAO’s creator that if they wish to be free, they must reach the 100th floor of the game’s tower, a tall tower inside the game full of monsters and bosses players must defeat to reach the next level, and defeat the final boss. The twist: if their characters die inside the game, their bodies will also die in the real world.

Our story is centered around Kirito, who was chosen as one of the beta testers in the closed beta of SAO. Since he has previous experience and knowledge of SAO, he feels that he can beat the game and save everyone. Along the way, our lone hero makes friends and even falls in love. — A Geeky Gal

As a 3D modeler who loves anime and video games, Sword Art Online presented  an interesting premise: virtual reality where the players are stuck in a video game. It sounded like something that would be right up my alley, and it was! There was plenty of action with sword fights and mosters, lots of romance between the main characters, and so many MMORPG elements that made the gamer in me happy.

And I have to talk about Asuna Yuuki, the main heroine alongside Kirito. She’s extremely important to me as a character. I identify with her so much that she was the first character I cosplayed. She’s strong in so many ways. Her story arcs like Mother Rosario and Ordinal Scale always make me feel powerful. “She’s no damsel in distress though she keeps getting the choice to be. Over and over again she chooses to fight. It inspires me on my worst of days to keep fighting.”

While coming across as strong and fierce later in SAO, Asuna had some mental health issues that led her to falling in love with Kirito who helped her straighten herself out. When SAO became in-real-life dangerous, she didn’t care much whether or not she died. Kirito became her lifeline and she took his words to heart, much like I do with my husband. She’s not afraid to take matters into her own hands and is very independent, like me. — A Geeky Gal

SAO also holds a special place in my heart because of the relationship between Kirito and Asuna. Alec and I were in a long distance relationships for about four years but have been best friends for about thirteen years. This mean a majority of our friendship and relationship grew online in a virtual space. That virtual space consisted of 3D avatars in an online chatroom and Facebook. While it’s nothing fancy like the world of Sword Art Online, it was a space we made for ourselves and where our love for each other grew.

And obviously her [Asuna’s] immense love and care for Kirito makes me think of my love for my husband. We would do anything for each other. When we watch SAO together, we always share a look when there’s something loving happening between Asuna and Kirito. Their relationship struck such a chord with us that we even cosplayed them together for our first cosplays! Hopefully we can do it again soon with better stuff. — A Geeky Gal

What is your favorite anime or anime series? Let me know in the comments below OR take on the challenge yourself and link back to this post so I can see your answer!


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13 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge: Day 9

  1. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is my definite favorite. Though there are many I would put on my favorite list, that one is kinda sitting lonely at the top. I can keep rewatching it and each time I see it, I end up watching the entire series in a few days.

    Making me shout and cry and cheer each time I watch it . I like a lot of cuter shows as well, but this one just puts me on a roller coaster of emtions each and every time

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