Geek Out Challenge: Day 5

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Day 5 – What is the geekiest thing you’ve ever done?

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You are looking at a former(?) writer! That’s right. The geekiest thing I have ever done is write loads and loads of (terrible, okayish, and a couple of really good) fanfiction. I still have tons of notebooks full of stories that never made it to the web in storage, and, let’s face it, most likely never will. The main reason these stories won’t see the light of day is because my writing used to suck. And no, I don’t mean that in a way to fish for compliments.

When I was about twelve, I found myself writing and drawing more and more. My diary could no longer contain the poetry, drawings, and short stories that were in my head so I started buying cheap spiral notebooks that I would easily fill up in less than a couple of weeks. In middle school, I started sharing some of my stories with my friends. They would pass my notebook from friend to friend and ask for more as soon as I had a free period to write. Soon they pushed me to start publishing them online in the form of fanfiction.

So off I went to the most popular site for fanfiction: I started transcribing from my notebooks at first, and sometimes I would write my chapters on the computer itself, but it wasn’t often. I much preferred pen to paper at that time, especially since the only computer at home was the shared family computer. I enjoyed posting new chapters and exploring my own unique writing style which at first wasn’t all that unique. I expanded my knowledge by reading other people’s fanfiction and quickly realized my writing was… lacking… to say the least.

I dove head first into several of the more popular writers on to hopefully learn more about honing my own writing and find what makes a good fanfiction. I discovered I needed more detail, better grammar, longer chapters, and a better, more thought-out plot line. I also discovered how much I loved reading it, too. Little did I know that on my journey of bettering my writing that I was falling down a rabbit hole that would only fuel my love for reading and writing fanfiction.

As I wrote more and more, my writing really started to become more well rounded and mature. I eventually made a new FF.Net account where I posted a few updated and more fleshed out versions of my older stories as well as one of my last stories that became extremely popular. By extremely popular I just mean that I literally still get emails asking me to finish it years later which is a huge accomplishment (and probably disappointment?) in my book. That story went on to make a few top lists in the community as well despite being unfinished.

I really hope that one day I can finish that story, because I was extremely happy with everything about it. Can you imagine the look on everyone’s face when they get an email saying I added a chapter for a fanfiction that’s almost a million years old? I’m kidding! But it would be pretty funny. Who knows? Maybe after I finish this blog post I’ll hop over to my laptop, bring up those old chapters, and start writing again.

Among all of the geeky things I’ve done (cosplay, attending conventions, starting this blog, etc.), writing fanfiction was definitely the geekiest for me. I became extremely passionate about writing and even more passionate about reading. I became a part of a huge community that lifted me up in my early days and became my biggest fans as I grew into my writing. Maybe one day I’ll pick it back up and continue to hone my story-writing skills… But we’ll just have to see.

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What is the geekiest thing you’ve ever done? Let me know in the comments below OR take on the challenge yourself and link back to this post so I can see your answer!


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27 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge: Day 5

  1. As a big Trek fan with a couple of geeky mates in our early 20s we participated on a written Star Trek sim with a bunch of other writers and fans creating missions and narrative through a message board posting site. Was fun whilst it lasted but probably not something I would do today. Probably.

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  2. The geekiest thing I have ever done was,
    Naruto Running towards a pizza place, with about 30ish people! While crossplayed as Tommy Wisseau stoping at every crossroads to toss a football and greeting every doggy while Gourmet Race from Kirby was being played during the trip

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  3. I wrote FanFics too! I never finished a sequel to my most popular one and I tried. Still get random requests to finish it. Tried publishing one in my older self style a few years back but since I hadn’t fleshed it out, I left it.

    My biggest fanfic I’m still working on. I have the second book almost done and one my best friends(who’s the only one that’s read it because I’m shy about it) wants me to keep going.

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  4. I am a huge astronomy and astrology nerd. I obviously can’t do space travel, so I wrote a sci-fi novel that takes place on another planet in The Milky Way. I “built” a whole community, complete with language, religion, and law.

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  5. You’re welcome. I hope you like it if you decided to read it. So glad this forum celebrates other geek girls like us who would like this concept.

    Heads up: I had to do some research on Saturn for this book. It’s a gas giant in real life, but I gave it solid ground in the story.

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  6. I was a bit of a “mall ninja” when I was in high school, and a friend and I used to take “cool” photos of ourselves with Naruto headbands and shirts, as well as throwing knives 😛 We were so hardcore!!!

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