Geek Out Challenge: Day 2

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Day 2 – What is your most recent fandom?


Netflix has been throwing out some amazing shows left and right lately. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina quickly skyrocketed as one of my favorites of all time. I binged it like I haven’t binged a show in years. Don’t worry though; this isn’t a review for the series! Instead I’m going to talk a bit about the things that made Chilling Adventures of Sabrina my most recent fandom favorite.

The Fashion

After I finished binging the first season, I immediately went to Pinterest to recreate Sabrina’s look. Would you call her look “moody librarian” or “noir hipster?” It’s really hard to nail down a name for her fashion sense. There is also not a specific time period for any of the fashion in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina despite the show being set in present day. We can catch some 60’s-70’s era inspo though as well as some 90’s grunge vibes.

Sabrina’s aunts, Zelda and Hilda, bring their own stylish flair that sync perfectly with their personalities. Then we have Sabrina’s friends Theo (previously “Susie”) and Rosalind who rock the aforementioned 60’s and 70’s (but somehow modern) aesthetic. And I can’t leave out the weird sisters who go from scary school girl, almost-matching dresses in the beginning to fashionable, complimentary witchy outfits later.

The fashion in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is an amazing mix of 60’s-70’s era style, noir, and horror with a modern twist.

The Horror

If you’re new to my blog, you may not know about my soft spot for horror. I live for thrilling scary shows. I obsess over horror games. You get it. So when I started watching the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina I knew I had found a diamond among the gems on Netflix. It’s one of the best campy horror shows I’ve ever watched. It’s chock full of supernatural goodness, captivating story-telling, and a unique cast of characters that have their own demons (pun a little intended).

I also love the occult, and CAOS has no shortage of witchy spells, ingredients, and lore. The Church of Night is also an interesting take on religion that is pretty horrific itself with a past (and sometimes present) of cannibalism, killings, resurrections, etc. I really wish we could get more into what classes Sabrina is taking as well because that could be an entirely new layer of horror.

And More

There’s tons of other tidbits that really made the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina a fandom favorite for me. Like Michelle Gomez for example who plays Mary Wardwell AKA Lilith. I’m sure my fellow whovians know she also played Missy on Doctor Who. She’s a phenomenal actor, and I love her character Lilith.

CAOS also covers some progressive issue like Theo’s transition from non-binary to male, Baxter High’s newly formed club WICCA (Women’s Intersectional Cultural and Creative Association) which was created by Sabrina, Theo and Rosalind, feminism, pansexuality, and questioning your religion. I have my fingers crossed that more progressive issues are going to come to light in the next season because there’s always more to discuss and learn about.

Last, but not least, is the fact that the show is based on a comic by the same name. If you adore the artwork in the intro, it was drawn by the same illustrator who draws the comics! As a fellow artist, I really appreciate things like that. I hope to delve into the comics soon and see how they compare.

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina became a fandom favorite for me most recently with the release of their latest season. I fell in love with the dark and moody period fashion, the occult horror that ties into the obvious supernatural aspects of being a witch, the progressive issues that CAOS tackles, and so much more. I’m really looking forward to what else this show has in store for us.

What is your most recent fandom? Let me know in the comments below OR take on the challenge yourself and link back to this post so I can see your answer!


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19 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge: Day 2

    1. I also loved the original Sabrina the Teenage Witch. It was light and funny, which does greatly contrast Netflix’s Sabrina. I enjoy how much darker it is though as well. I haven’t watched Light As A Feather but it has been recommended to me! I might give it a go after my visitors leave next week. Thanks for reading, Chrissie!


  1. If you enjoyed Sabrina, I’d love to recommend A Discovery of Witches. It’s also based on a book series, All Souls Trilogy. I can’t wait for season 2, I really enjoyed their take on Vampire lore and other mythical beast tie in.

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  2. I remember watching some episodes of the original Sabrina show back in the day. Most recent fandom? That’s a good question. It feels kind of weird given how many movies and anime flying by as I review them on Iridium Eye. Hahaha! I guess the most recent thing that I have geeked out about and even got some merch from would be Kimba the White Lion even though I saw it a couple of years ago for the first time. Yes, that controversy and researching it got me into watching the original 60s show and movies.

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