Link Loves: A Giveaway, an OOTD, Mental Health and More

Welcome to the twenty-second installment of Link Loves. These posts are all about my favorite links of the week! It can include bloggers, articles, news, clothing, accessories, and other cool links I’m enjoying. If you have a favorite blogger or article, share them with me in the comments!

This week I’ve decided to share TEN blog posts that I am loving! The posts range from geek subscription boxes to mental health and even a giveaway. These wonderful people deserve a follow from you, so give their posts a read, hit the like button, and follow their blog!

Charmed: Box of Shadows – April 2019

Candis Barbosa

Hello, my fellow Geeks! Recently, I received the Charmed: Box of Shadows – April 2019 box. Box of Shadows is a quarterly subscription box filled with goodies from the TV show, Charmed. For those who may not know, Charmed is about 4 sisters who discover they are witches – Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. They fight against demons, warlocks, and other evil forces. The sisters are protectors of the innocent and are known as The Charmed Ones. — Candis Barbosa

Star Wars OOTD: We Are the Spark

Anakin and His Angel

I’m primarily a Dark Side girl but that doesn’t mean I don’t like characters who stand up for what’s right like Poe Dameron. In fact, this is one of my favorite quotes from The Last Jedi. It’s so powerful and inspirational and I love having something to wear that represents this scene in the movie. The t-shirt is so incredibly comfortable and light enough to wear on warm days. I went for quite the Summer look and paired it with a hot pink corduroy skirt and white sandals. I felt comfortable and cute while at Disneyland California Adventure over the weekend. I don’t normally wear skirts to the parks but it worked out and it kept me cool throughout the day. I even received a compliment on my outfit! — Anakin and His Angel

Blog Milestone Thank You Steam Key GIVEAWAY!


It’s time to give back. As a celebration and a thank you to my amazing readers and fellow writers, I’m doing a giveaway from my Steam Key Loot Vault of over 100 keys that need a good home. They aren’t triple A titles or anything, but I’m sure some will be of interest. There’s definitely some indie favorites in there that you might not have tried yet! — Backlog Crusader

Dreaming of Fictional Worlds


A lot of people dream of places here on earth that they would like to visit. As geeks, we dream of those places as well, but we also dream of worlds only reachable through our imagination. Worlds from our favorite pieces of fiction that are incredible and magical. Some of these places we would love to visit much more than anywhere here on earth. For some of us, these fictional worlds become an escape, a refuge from the chaos, conflict or mundane of everyday life.

Lucky for us as readers and fans we get to visit these places almost any time we like. And now as parents, we get to take our children with us! How magical it is to introduce these incredible places to them for the first time. We get the opportunity to experience that first sense of wonder all over again through them!

Oh, the places I would go… — Geek Mama

How Doctor Who Helped Me Conquer Social Anxiety


No one was happier to have Doctor Who back than me. Christopher Eccleston was the Doctor from the moment he grabbed Rose’s hand and said “Run.” I loved every second. Yes, even the farting aliens. I can’t remember if I found Livejournal just before or just after, but there was a Who community and we all loved the show.

As the first season came to a close, an idea was floated in the comm to have a meet up. The Doctor Who Experience was at Blackpool and everyone thought we ought to go. I was less convinced. Sure these people were friends online, but that was on the other side of a screen where they couldn’t see me. What happened when they met me for real? — Misa Buckley (guest post on The Reel Anna)



Who says summer is only for contemporary? Nay I say! Welcome to Medievalathon where the more you read, the higher your nobility!

PLUS build yourself up some armour and weapons by participating in the prompts.

Holly Hearts Books, one of the few booktubers that I watch regularly, is hosting her own read-a-thon this month, and it’s going to be amazing!

Today’s post is just a TBR, since the challenge doesn’t actually start for a few more days (on July 1st!). I threw together a list of books that could work for the challenge, to give me (and you) an idea of what to look for next month. — Camryn Daytona

Geek Girls Rule! #574 – Gatekeeping, Internalized Misogyny, and You


Girls selling nudes for WoW gold are not responsible for anyone else’s relationship, or any problems in said relationship that possession of those nudes may cause.

You know who is responsible?

The people who bought them.

That’s it. — Geek Girls Rule!

Take part in an Interview & share your story!

Just Geeking By

My interview series here at Just Geeking By has been up and running for a a few years now, and it was well overdue an update. Not to mention it was about time I removed the ‘coming soon’ sign off the Disability Interview information page and actually got some real questions up! When I first created the interview series the aim was shine a light on the unique hobbies and professions that other people have experienced. To give them a place to share the stories of where they began, how they grew and have gotten to where they are now so that others could learn from them. I’ve been fortunate enough to have met some amazing people in my life with wonderful talents and interesting hobbies, and I wanted to let people know that there were others out there just like them. — Just Geeking By

Indie Variety Hour: Steam Summer Sale Edition


I play a lot of indie games. While I try to review my favourites, I don’t always have much to say about everything I’ve played. It was my intention when I started blogging to shine a spotlight on games that I thought were special, especially if they hadn’t gotten much attention. So with that, welcome to the first Indie Variety Hour.

Today we’ll be looking at five games. No more, no less. And all of said games will fit a theme. The theme today is games that are currently on sale in the Steam Summer Sale. Truly creative, I’m aware. But if anything catches your eye you can pick it up on the cheap. — Frostilyte’s Blog

5 Nintendo 3DS games that NEED to be ported to the Nintendo Switch


Despite the success of the Nintendo Switch, the Nintendo 3DS is still my favourite Nintendo console. This may change soon when Fire Emblem, Dragon Quest 11 and Astral Chain are released on the console, but the depth of the 3DS library still rivals (just about) what is on the Switch. I think that it is a shame that many of these games will be left in the past on the 3DS as they deserve a new, bigger audience. I get that the two screen setup makes porting a little tricky but there have been a couple of dual releases for the consoles that show it is definitely possible (Sushi Striker for example). I just think that it is unfair that all the Wii U games are getting ported and that the Nintendo 3DS needs a little love as it dies its inevitable death. This is a list of 5 games that need to be ported to the Nintendo Switch. — The Absent Reviewer

Photos used are from Pexels unless stated otherwise.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the links. Creating fictional worlds is really fun being an author and all Revezia has been a big thing for me to create over the past 5 years with all these locales, characters, and deconstructing sci-fi and fantasy elements while satirizing one common theme.

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