Monday Musings: Beautiful Nightmares

Beautiful Nightmares

I can’t get you off my mind;

Thoughts of you keep me awake at night.


I toss and turn; there is no relief,

Not until you are again laying next to me.


I dream and dream of touching your face,

But you’re nowhere to be found when I wake.


I only see you when I close my eyes.

When I open them, it’s no surprise,


That you’re not here.


I find myself staying up and waiting,

Thinking of you and contemplating.


I don’t want to wait another year, month, week, day,

Hour, minute, second, to see your face.


These dreams are torturing me in the night,

Dangling what I want most in my sight.


These dreams are more like beautiful nightmares.

I wake up and you’re gone; it’s unfair


To make me believe you’re here.


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