A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: April 2019

Welcome to my April 2019 recap! April has seen my YouTube channel blooming as well as my first poetry series here on the blog. I was even nominated for a brand new blog award! You may have noticed that some of my usual blog content has been missing this past month, but not to worry! I am working on a new upload schedule so I can also continue to upload to YouTube. With the first week of May past us, let’s take a look at the month of April here on A Geeky Gal!


300 (and 1) Blog Posts on A Geeky Gal!


Say hello to lucky post number 301! That’s right; Monday’s post was the 300th post on A Geeky Gal. I didn’t want to deviate from my blog post schedule so I hope you’ll forgive me that this is number 301 and not 300. Can you believe there’s over 300 posts on this little blog of mine now?! THREE HUNDRED!

Blogger Tags

The Gamer Tag (+ tags)


Tags are so much fun to do! I was thrilled when I got tagged for The Game Tag by Kim and Aaron of Chimmyville. Thanks so much Kim! I’m a bit new to following Chimmyville, but you should definitely check out The Buffy Tag and Sightseeing in Bristol! There’s tons of lifestyle, food, and travel posts so be sure to follow Chimmyville so you don’t miss a post!

Achievement Unlocked Award (+ tags)


A new blog award has appeared! I feel incredibly lucky that Michelle of A Geek Girl’s Guide nominated me for her award: the Achievement Unlocked Award. Her kind words warmed my heart so I am so excited to take part in this award that she has so carefully crafted for our blogging niche.

Posts from April

Monday Musings

Spoilers! the Geek Diaries

YouTube Videos

Divinity Twitch Stream PART ONE

Geek Chic Lookbook // Pretty Girls Like Anime

Disney Honeymoon // January 2019

Featured Instagram Post

Featured Twitter Post



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6 thoughts on “A Geeky Gal Monthly Recap: April 2019

  1. Congrats on 300 posts! That takes a lot of work and dedication! I’m definitely envious of your ability to keep up with so many platforms at once. Whenever I start focusing on one platform, I let the others slip and can’t quite get the balance right.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Hannie! I’m still trying to find that balance, truth be told. I’m paying with the idea to cut it down to one blog post a week and doing possibly two youtube videos a week. I’m still not sure how to handle it! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

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