Spoilers! We went to Disney!

Last October, Alec and I finally celebrated our wedding with our family and friends after being married for a year. We had an amazing Disney honeymoon planned for ourselves and decided to push it to January for work and financial reasons. I’m really glad we did, because we weren’t rushed after the wedding to board a plane. We got to bask in the glow of our wedding and head home without worrying about packing all over again. When January finally came, and Alec and I flew from STL to Orlando, Florida (with a stop in between) where we boarded Disney’s Magical Express bus. Soon we were whisked away to our amazing resort: Port Orleans French Quarter.

If you’d like to see our trip captured in video form, stay tuned for Friday! I will be uploading our DisneyMoon video to YouTube where can can experience our first trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL with us!

Holding hands on the Magical Express Bus, on the way to our resort! // photo by A Geeky Gal

Day One: Travel/Disney Springs

To say we were excited would be an understatement of epic proportions. We may have been tired, but no one would have known by the way we bounced off the bus, ears upon our heads (which are courtesy of my amazing Disney friend, Shawna), bags in hand, as we walked to the front desk to get our room. The lobby was still decorated for Christmas (which was taken down overnight so sadly I don’t have any pictures), and we could feel the magic around us as we waited in line to get our room. The cast member helping us gave us our Happily Ever After buttons then bumped us to a preferred room (SCORE!).

Our Port Orleans: French Quarter room (actually our home away from home) // photo by A Geeky Gal

We spent some time looking around the resort for a few minutes before finally getting to our room. Our room was beautiful, and definitely one of the nicest rooms I’ve ever stayed in during a vacation. We took a moment to breathe it all in before heading out to the boats that the two Port Orleans resorts share. The boat took us to Disney Springs where our first dinner reservation waited for us. While we were waiting, we walked around and checked out a lot of the stores which were larger than life with giant Lego displays of some of our favorite characters, dinosaurs, and tons of Disney merchandise.

Dinner (and a show) at Raglan Road in Disney Springs // photo by A Geeky Gal

After enjoying a tasty meal and a little bit of a show at Raglan Road. We made out way to the star of our night: the Kingdom Hearts III demo. Alec was beside himself with excitement, and I couldn’t help but share in the feeling. After a little bit of a wait, we hopped onto the PS4 and tried our best to get through both the demos for KHIII. I didn’t manage to finish both, but I was happy enough with what I did get to play. Alec and I took advantage of a little photo op before finally heading back to the dock to say hello to our beds at French Quarter.

Heading into Epcot for breakfast // photo by Bob

Day Two: Epcot

Alec and I awoke to the alarm we had set the night before so that we could shower, dress in our official first day outfits, slap on some sunscreen, fill our backpack with the essentials, and sprint (unnecessarily) to the buses to head towards our second day destination: Epcot. We boarded the almost empty bus and bounced in our seats as we headed towards what was sure to be the best Disney breakfast ever at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. A lovely gentleman by the name of Bob made conversation with us as we rode. Bob showed us the way to the gates where we waited for rope drop! Bob was even kind enough to snap the above picture of us before we went inside.

Posing in Epcot // photo by Disney

Realizing how much time we had before our reservation, we lazily made our way towards the restaurant, stopping to take pictures and video along the way. We made it to Norway where Akershus Royal Banquet Hall beckoned us with hot breakfast foods and Disney princesses. Belle herself greeted us and wished a Happily Ever After! It really set the tone for the rest of our time at the restaurant. It wasn’t long after eating that the other princesses finally made their rounds. I was beside myself, tongue tied, and hot with embarrassment, but I got their autographs and pictures so mission accomplished!

Meeting Anna and Elsa // photo by Disney

Leaving Akershus, meant Epcot was now our oyster. We started exploring the park, starting with Norway. We stumbled upon Elsa and Anna’s meet and greet so I asked the cast member when they would be available. Wouldn’t you know that they were opening the gate right then? Alec and I excitedly walked towards the house and were immediately greeted by Elsa and Anna who showed us through their home, something that only the first people in line get to experience. I’m sad to say I was completely starstruck and barely made any conversation with them that made sense, but we got some great pictures and autographs out of the experience!

Drinking some adult beverages in Epcot’s Mexico // photo by A Geeky Gal

Cue the rest of our day spent exploring, attempting to eat and drink around the world (spoiler: we couldn’t do it), taking loads of photos with our phones and taking advantage of the photopass photographers (best purchase ever by the way if you are traveling by yourself or as a couple), and enjoying the warm weather after leaving snowy STL. We ended the day with the glorious fireworks and show that always accompanies the end of Epcot’s day. We boarded the bus back to our resort and enjoyed crawling into our soft bed, excited for our next day which would be at Disney World’s largest park, Magic Kingdom.

In front of Cinderella’s Castle // photo by Disney

Day Three: Magic Kingdom

Something about the Magic Kingdom filled me with as much anxiety as it did excitement. I knew there would be TONS of people and that the lines would be long. However, nothing prepared me for the feelings Alec and I experienced when we saw Cinderella’s castle against Florida’s blue sky for the first time.

Meeting Tiana // photo by Disney

Alec and I made our way down Main Street, stopping closer to the castle for a photo per a photopass photographer, before taking in the centerpiece of Magic Kingdom. We were super, super early so we took pictures of the castle and even got a few more of us with the castle in the background. I was antsy and ready for rope drop which eventually came. The crowd gathered, everyone had their phones out, but Alec and I held hands and were just taking in the moment together. After the show wrapped up, the ropes to the different areas dropped, and we had to decide what we were going to do. We opted to hop on some rides while the day was young (and cool).

Meeting Rapunzel // photo by Disney

Later, we used our fast passes to meet our favorite Disney princesses! Seeing Tiana and Rapunzel was literally the best character experience I had the entire week. Tiana was able to make me laugh and loosen me up, even asking who the cook in our house was (neither, but we’re working on it) and offering to teach us how to make beignets (which are the bestttt). Then we got to Rapunzel, and I mustered up the courage to tell her was my favorite princess. She shoved Alec out of the photos and gave me the biggest hug ever. It was amazing! We really enjoyed meeting Tiana and Rapunzel.

Great Job, Space Rangers! // photo by Disney

We hit up a few more rides before heading back to the resort for a nap! We hit up the Teacups and Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Space Mountain and Space Ranger Spin were two of our favorites though. (Spy the wonderful action shot of us playing Space Ranger Spin above.) We ended up taking the bus back to our resort for a nap before coming back to MK as the sun was starting to set, just in time for our dinner reservations at Tony’s.

Cinderella’s Castle against the night sky // photo by Disney

Dinner at Tony’s  was fabulous but not our favorite of the week. It wasn’t too long after eating and checking out the Carousel of Progress and a few other rides that it was time for the end of the night show and fireworks. Honestly, seeing the amazing light show across the castle and all of the fireworks could have been the best part of our day if I had been a little taller and people had kept their phones and cameras down. Nonetheless, it was still an incredible end to an incredible day. I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

Universal // photo by A Geeky Gal

Day Four: Harry Potter World

We were beyond excited to grab an Uber on the morning of the fourth day to what was sure to be our second favorite place on Earth that week: Harry Potter World at Orlando Studios. Unfortunately for us, HP World was crowded and hard to navigate between all the people. While we did manage to get our wands, we didn’t get to try very many spells, take photos, or record much video. Riding the absolutely amazing rides came with their own pitfalls, too: putting our bag in a locker along with hundreds of other people! Were the rides worth it though? ABSOLUTELY!

Married Since 2017 // photo by A Geeky Gal

We didn’t have the best time while at this particular park, but I hope we can do it again when there aren’t as many people (if there is such a thing). We did get to ride the train and try butterbeer which brightened our time there! And we got my favorite picture of the entire trip… I had these matching shirts made on Etsy along with our other matching Disney tees, and they were worth every penny!

Happily Ever After // photo by Disney

Day Five: Hollywood Studios

Day five started seeing us really slow down after trekking through so many parks in so little time. We opted to ride as many rides as we could and see the Star Wars march! We tried out the Tower of Terror which was fun, but our pictures didn’t turn out quite right. We soon found ourselves in Toy Story Land and hit up the rides there including Toy Story Mania (our favorite!), Slinky Dog Dash (amazing at night), and Alien Swirling Saucers (also so much fun!). Toy Story Land was definitely our favorite part of HS!

Just Married // photo by A Geeky Gal

Then we moved onto Star Wars. We grabbed some lunch at Backlot Express then headed towards some more rides. I especially loved Star Tours. We managed to catch the live Star Wars show too! We wrapped up our night at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater which I had hoped would be good based off Reddit’s recommendations, and boy, was it amazing! Great food and cool sci-fi shorts to watch while you eat! Our incredible waitress also captured this shot (above) for us. It really put the cherry on top of a great day.

Tree of Life // photo by A Geeky Gal

Day Six: Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom was probably the least of our favorite parks. It didn’t help that we were all out of steam from our already busy week, but AK was crowded and had some of the longest lines we had ever stood in. We didn’t get many pictures of us here as we spent a majority of our time at the park waiting in line for Flight of Passage. Was it worth an almost 4 hour wait? Kind of… The ride was an incredible experience, but you won’t catch me waiting in line for anything else for more than 2 hours again. Lesson learned!

Honey Chicken // photo by A Geeky Gal

What AK did have going for it was the food! We had an amazing lunch at Satu’li Canteen that took us both out of out comfort zones. Then for dinner was our favorite place of the week… Yak & Yeti. It gets a 5 star review from Alec and me! I had Honey Chicken, and Alec had Chicken Tikka Masala. Both were delicious! We ended up sharing an adult beverage, too. This was probably the best meal we had had all week. (Though a lot of the food was superb!) We quickly wrapped up our night and made it back to the hotel room in time to pack and get rest for our flight the following morning.

Chicken Tikka Masala // photo by A Geeky Gal

Day Seven: Departure

Saying goodbye to the magic that was Disney was hard. I had never been on a vacation anywhere close to what we had just experienced. And we were both quickly learning what Disney depression was. The flights back home were long and we arrived home to more SNOW! We both looked at each other and wished we back at Disney already. We’re planning on going back in 2021, but we’re hoping for sooner!

Final thoughts: Disney captured out hearts on the big screen, and then they did again in the parks. This was our first big vacation together, and our first trip to Disney World. Needless to say, it has set our expectations pretty high for the next vacation. We loved our resort, and we loved taking the resort transportation. The food was delicious. The only thing we wish we could have changed, would have been to stay a little longer…

Loving what we wore? Here are some quick links!

Did you have honeymoon at Disney? What was your experience like? Any tips for our second trip? Don’t forget to check out our DisneyMoon YouTube video on Friday!


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39 thoughts on “Spoilers! We went to Disney!

      1. We loved being able to bring water and snacks into the park, great for waiting in long lines. That was something we learned from our super frugal, always-prepared moms. And for our last trip, we got power banks for our phones so they wouldn’t die while we were at the parks and miss out on a photo op.

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    1. If you ever get the chance, TAKE IT! We’re huge Disney fans but anyone can have loads of fun there. The only thing I would change is the amount of time we were there. We definitely should have stayed a few more days to rest between parks. We were exhausted by Day 3.

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      1. We plan to take our kids soon!! We want to go back! It was our first date, and our honeymoon, so it’s going to be something fun to share with them!! Plus we just love Disney world!

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