Monday Musings: Part One – Ended

Part One – Ended

It started with a kiss.

Doesn’t it always?

Don’t laugh; this is serious.


It ended in defeat.

I’m so good at games,

Just not at the one he plays.


I should have seen it.

Maybe I was blind.

It shouldn’t have ended.


At least… Not like this.


It hurts so much.

I can’t lie about the pain.

My heart just might burst.


He was so cold last night.

His voice changed.

And I was no one in his eyes.


Time wasted?

Maybe so.

It still came to an end.


But it shouldn’t be like this.


Am I no one?

I know I’m someone.

I feel dead.

I know I’m alive.

He was my other half.

He can’t mean anything now.

I can’t love again.

I’m already in love.

I won’t get hurt again.

I have to take a chance.


I went on a tangent.

I’m so sorry.

You’re the only one left.


The only one who will sit here.

You just sit and listen.

You don’t make me look in the mirror.


I don’t want to look at myself yet.

I know I’m broken.

You can’t fix me; I’m defeated.


I can’t end like this.


It’s over, I already know.

There is no turning back.

That’s what scares me the most.


Thank you again for listening.

You’re the best.

I’ve already hid my ring.


Didn’t pawn it or anything.

It’s in a box, buried.

I can’t look at it, still hurting.


It has ended… I have to face it.



This poem is a part of a series. See the Prelude here. Thanks for reading.

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