On YouTube: 500 Follower AMA

I can’t believe I hit 500 followers on WordPress. Never in a million years did I think 500 people would be reading my little blog and like it enough to follow. My AMA is my thank you to this community so I hope you’ll give it a watch. I will link everyone below with a blog or public profile that asked questions so be sure to show them some love too.

I’m proud to present my 500 Follower Ask Me Anything!


Awkward Hannah

Normal Happenings

Clan Geek

A Geek Girl’s Guide

Evening Tea Musings

I Played The Game


Thinking Moon

Ospreyshire’s Realm

With Love, Caroline

Mija (Mind Speaks)


Alyssa (Nerd Side of Life)

Thank you so much for watching my AMA and supporting my blog and YouTube channel. Did you like this AMA? Would you like to see another in the future? Let me know in the comments!


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