Top Ten Fitness Geeks

Welcome back to my Top Ten lists! These lists are my top ten favorite bloggers and sites! So far, I’ve posted my Top Ten Geeky Food Blogs and Top Ten Fashion Geeks. With the official month of resolutions not too far behind us, and the lack of motivation starting to creep in, I thought a post all about geeky fitness and wellness bloggers and social media gurus would be perfect for March’s Top Ten Geeks.

Powerpuff Bloggers

by Natalie Patalie

The blogger Natalie Patalie created this neat fitness group! I’m not as active as I’d like to be, but Natalie is such a great motivator and I always look forward to her posts. Other members are open to giving you advice, answering your questions, and even sharing social media handles where you can get more You can check out how to join here!

Geek Girl Strong

by Jordandene

I found Geek Girl Strong through Jordandene and am so glad I did! Robyn is extremely motivating and has a way with words that keeps me coming back. Her article on why she created a wellness community for geeks is a must read. She has tons of great resources and information like this wellness goal check in! I love Robyn’s content, and if you’re a fellow geek looking to get in shape, you will too!

Super Powers Sold Separately

by Super Powers Sold Separately

Ray of Super Powers Sold Separately has been an inspiration since I started A Geeky Gal and I knew she was going to be one of the first geeks on this list. Ray is so real and upfront on her Instagram and blog that I can’t help but identify and sympathize with her struggles and cheer her on. If you are looking for motivation, you got it right here.

Benching Brunette

by Benching Brunette

Mariah of Bizarre Brunette has a fitness Instagram account! You can find her at Benching Brunette. Check out her posts for inspiration, motivation, and work outs. Mariah has a BA in Exercise Science so rest assured this geek girl is certified.

The Barre Belle

by The Barre Belle

When looking for more geeks for fitness inspiration after I started my own fitness journey, I was highly recommended The Barre Belle! It’s so motivating to see her posts pop up in my personal (and blog) feed. I love seeing what her workouts consist of.


by Epicfied

Kayla at Epicfied wrote an amazing piece about her health and I knew it was something I had to share here. Kayla is an amazing writer and her post is powerful. She has a health Instagram as well that I recommend you follow!

You Fancy (Think) Me Mad

by You Think Me Mad

Barb of You Fancy Me Mad is a geek at heart like the rest of the folks on this list, but was also highly recommended when looking for fellow fitness geeks to turn to for inspiration. She has fitness posts scattered around her blog like this one on the FitBit Charge 3. As you can see, she is also a member of the Powerpuff Bloggers group! Find her Instagram here!

Geek Girl Fitness

by Geek Girl Fitness

Geek Girl Fitness (and Fashion) has a motivating Instagram as well as workouts on her Facebook page. She has lost 135 pounds and shares her journey across her two platforms. She also a Slytherin with an epic sense of style.

Her Universe


While not exactly a blog, Her Universe is an amazing source for geeky work out gear for everyone. If the gym feels a little intimidating, maybe wearing your geek pride on the outside can bring you the confidence you need to go kick ass!

Bod Squad for Weight Loss

by A Geeky Gal

Bod Squad for Weight Loss is my Facebook group inspired by Jordan Shrinks‘ group for my fellow losers out there who just wanna talk weight loss. I post weekly threads and have oodles of information in the files that I hope to keep adding to as we get more members! I welcome you all to join if you need some motivation or need some questions answered that may get lost in the bigger  weight loss and health groups.

Who are your favorite fitness geeks? Tell me in the comments!


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14 thoughts on “Top Ten Fitness Geeks

      1. It’s a pretty unique search term. I really need to trademark it! Basically, I’m doing sets of exercises after every episode of anime I watch.

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  1. I simply love the breaking of the “geek” stereotype in modern day. Lots of geeks get inspired by the media they consume to better themselves both physically and mentally.

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  2. I love that there are geeky fitness blogs about! How did I not know about this sooner? I’ll definitely be checking some if these out and getting myself some geeky workout gear (from Her Universe). Great list.

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