Monday Musings: Whisper


After I neatly cut away
the pieces of you that fed on me,

beautiful flowers grew
and blossomed in your place.

I thought I would bleed out,
but I’ve never felt so free.

It’s like you and I never were,
and I like it this way.

I can’t say thanks for the memories,
because there never was any gratitude.

When I let it all go,
I really, truly and finally, let it all go.

This is how I say goodbye,
with a whisper in the wind.


13 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Whisper

      1. You’re welcome. It’s good that you appreciate me standing up when it comes to some opinions.

        In other and much softer news, I know you talk about anime. I actually have another blog that reviews anime, foreign films, indie movies, documentaries, and short films. It would be cool if you check it out sometime.

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      2. Thank you very much! I tend to focus on the more obscure stuff whether it’s animated or live-action. Feel free to check it out. I post new reviews every Saturday and one of them involves a remake movie of a certain old-school anime series. Stay tuned.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Sure thing. It’s from a renowned creator even though he died decades ago. Here’s a hint: there’s a certain animated film that would literally not exist without this anime.

        Liked by 1 person

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