Monday Musings: Battle Born

Battle Born

“Don’t fall in love,” they said.
“With boys and men, lightly tread.
Think not with your heart but your head.”

I thought I was doing everything right.
The walls around myself were built up high,
The cracks between the stones were sealed tight.

I met a boy; a hero, he would portray.
I thought would be his until the end of days.
The walls eventually crumbled and gave way.

Long ago, before the hero, I was given a shield,
In case my walls were broken and unsealed.
It was something I thought I’d never have to wield.

But there was a treacherous fight one night.
He put his hands on me, like it was his right.
I was still seeing with my heart and not my eyes.

The hero was supposed to be a man,
But he always wanted to raise a hand
If I made a decision he had banned.

And so from steel and anger, I forged a mighty sword.
I thought this was something worth fighting for,
Because our love, in front of the gods, we swore.

But over years, my sword grew sharper
And I forged a set of powerful armor,
Because I was sure our love was over.

And so with shield and sword ready,
I waited just like a woman should… Patiently.
When he raised his hand, it did not meet me.

I raised my shield.
I said, “I will not yield,
Not until every wound is healed.”

He did not back down.
I had to stand my ground.
Never again would I be bound.

I won the fight, but lost a war.
I felt my heart was done for.
Love was not to be looked for.

But one day someone woke my love.
The love inside that I thought was gone.
But still I tried to grab my shield and hold on.

This person stayed by my side despite,
Did not give up when behind walls I’d hide.
Consoled me when I finally gave in; he cried:

“My Lady, it’s finally over!
Lay down your sword;
You don’t have to fight anymore.”

My armor is tarnished, damaged, chipped and scratched.
My sword is sharper than ever, and is yet to be matched.
My shield is still heavy, but I bear it like it was born attached.

I can’t remember what it was like before,
Before I had walls, a shield and a sword.
I told him: “But my Love… I am battle born.”


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