Monday Musings: Needle & Thread

Needle & Thread

How can I give a heart

that is damaged and broken?


I feel like he ignored the sign

that wound its way around

that plainly read “fragile”.


Stitches and band-aids,

these are temporary healers.


They will only be ripped out

or off, and my heart will cry

out in complaint.


I don’t expect anyone to

come to me with promises.


Promises to heal all that is wounded

and fix all that is broken is just

too much to ask.


I’ll take the needle and the

thread to just begin my work.


Maybe I can have this put back

together for someone who

deserves my heart.



3 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Needle & Thread

  1. The beginning lines of this poem remind me of lyrics from a Kelly Clarkson song, “My heart can’t possibly break / When it wasn’t even whole to start with”. I hope the speaker of this poem finds someone who deserves their heart 💜

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