What Anxiety Is Like

Anxiety is like you’re constantly getting closer to the top of a roller coaster,

but you never feel the rush of going down.


Anxiety is like being nervous about a big test or an interview or a speech,

but the feeling never goes away after it’s over.


Anxiety is like having an absolutely normal day with nothing to worry about,

but constantly feeling like something is wrong.


Anxiety is like running through a dark forest to get away from something,

but you never see what is chasing you.


Anxiety is feeling like you forgot something when you have everything,

but you continue to worry.


Anxiety is feeling your stomach drop when you miss a step on a staircase,

but you never regain your footing.


Anxiety is feeling like every hair on the back of your neck is standing up,

but there is nothing around to frighten you.


Anxiety is feeling like everything is always out of your control,

but everything is actually fine.


Anxiety is asking your significant other if they love you, are they sure, for the millionth time,

because you need the reassurance.


Anxiety is asking your friends to confirm plans over and over again,

even though you never doubted them.


Anxiety is knowing you have no reason to feel so anxious,

but you can’t stop feeling that way.


Anxiety is knowing you are falling through the air,

but you’re not sure when you’ll hit the ground.




25 thoughts on “What Anxiety Is Like

  1. I saw I think my favourite ever description of anxiety on Twitter earlier this week.

    ANXIETY: “Aren’t you, like… worried?”

    ME: “About what?”

    ANXIETY: “I don’t know”

    ME: “Oh my God, you’re right, thanks for reminding me!”

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  2. – let’s try commenting on this again not on mobile (no i have not tried to comment on this three times… pfffft) – This was so relatable and on point. Anxiety sucks and you constantly feel like you’re drowning, sometimes worse than others – and its even worse when depression is mixed in. Such a wonderful post!

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  3. Sometimes my anxiety says “Hey, you need to worry about everything.” And then I do, unless my depression is around to say “Nothing matters, so why are you worrying?” And then I don’t feel better at all.

    That was a great expression of anxiety you created. I wish nobody had to feel this way.

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