MCFT: Sarah Hawkinson, Bootie Slippers, and Target Work Out Leggings

It’s been quite a week for me personally. It’s been busy in real life, and I haven’t felt 100%. It’s Friday and I’m feeling just the tiniest bit better so I thought I would hop on here and write a My Current Favorite Things post! MCFT posts are usually 4 or 5 things that I’m loving currently! Here’s 5 things I am loving right now!

Sarah Hawkinson

I found Sarah’s channel and just dove right into all of her content. If you love thrift hauls and mental health videos, you will feel right at home on Sarah’s channel. I love her make up tutorials and just enjoy her personality. You can check out her channel here!



Lua is #stylegoals. I love her taste in fashion and how she styles her thrifted clothes! She is gorgeous! she not only blogs at Le-Happy, but she also has a YouTube Channel and Instagram that you can check out for even more content!

Weird Grrl Gang with Margot Meanie

©Margot Meanie

Looking for a unique group to bond with your fellow weirdos? Margot has your back! I love being in her group where I feel free to be myself and chat with other weird grrls. You can join here!

Bootie Slippers


With the weather in the single digits or even in the negatives, we all might be having a hard time keeping warm! I was super lucky to get some bootie slippers for Christmas, and I have since brought them to the office. I can easily slip out of my snow boots and into these warm slippers.

Target Workout Leggings


Now that I have been in the gym 3-5 days a week, I found that one pair of leggings and one sport bra were not gonna do it. Enter: Target. For my fellow shorties, try the capri or 7/8 leggings! They fall perfectly on my ankles. I found 3 pairs, two with pockets on both sides, and one pair with one pocket on the side. I also got two new sport bras and highly recommend the non-zipper front ones. I have two with zipper fronts, and they are just not as comfortable as the one without.

What are your favorite things this week? Let me know in the comments!


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      1. It’s a french book about vegeterian recipes using only 3 ingredients! I haven’t tried it yet but there’s a recipe of flat breads using only yogurt and flour! You basically mix the two ingredients with yeast and then cook them on a pan! Adding a few spices and butter on top as well 🙂

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