Monday Musings: Love Like Winter

Love Like Winter

Her cold hands can barely feel his heat.

His lips tingle when he kisses her.

Ice meeting the sun.

Her cold heart skips a beat.

He wants her to just answer.

He’s frost bitten.


The frost starts from his lips,

spreading; but he won’t stop

the kiss that holds them together.


He has his hands on her hips,

clinging; but they have to stop

or the kiss could end them forever.


He is summer; warm and inviting.

She is winter; cold and foreboding.


How could they ever hope to be together?

He will surely freeze in her arms.

She will surely thaw and melt away.


Her winter is ever bitter.

His summer heat harms.

Their love will surely decay.


But only if they let it.


9 thoughts on “Monday Musings: Love Like Winter

  1. Great poem! My basic interpretation of it is maintaining a relationship is difficult, and requires balance from both individuals involve. Things that need working out solo, and things that need to be worked out together.

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