Monday Musings: Knight


Through the rain, snow, and sleet,

you’ve ran through it all to get to me.

When the castle was afire,

you still didn’t tire.


As arrows flew through the air,

you were still there.


The castle walls up so high,

you still scaled them to the sky.


As each swordsman drew his sword,

you still went forward.


As archers knocked back arrows,

you met them with blows.


When it was me they captured,

you didn’t despair.


When they locked me in the highest tower,

a curse you did not mutter.


Instead you climbed each stair,

dodged each trap and obstacle,

and fought each criminal with valor

to get to your damsel.


I waited impatiently,

praying for your safety.


When someone finally burst through the door,

I knew it was you,  here to rescue me from the cruel world.


Then you took me in your arms

and stole my heart.


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